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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Camera deals shopping spree (Amazon)!

Let's zoom through the cyber shopping aisles at Amazon and see what digital cameras are generating a buzz in digital cameras and imaging.

$100 camera deals!
The $100 camera deal we mentioned earlier today continues on! The Panasonic LS75, in silver or pink, is offered by J&R world for $100. A $100 camera deal!

At the same magic price of one hundred dollars, and also offered by J&R World, it is the Pentax E40, an entry-level P&S digital camera that takes AA batteries.

More camera deals
First up, Tigerdirect is offering the bang for the buck Canon A560 for just $130. Nice price, nice camera for that price! Get yours now!

Next up, a giant Sony T200 bundle offered by Cameta Cameras for $390. This includes a 1gb memory card, camera case and such. Details in the picture below. Click or mouse-over for more!

A more affordable bling-bling ultracompact is the red Samsung i85, offered at $239 by 3rd party seller Beach Camera. Also from Beach, the older Nikon P3, which is Wifi-capable, is available at $250.

Then the brand new Olympus FE 310, which features a 5x optical zoom lens, is available for an affordable price of $150. Not bad for a new camera. It does use a LiIon battery for those who care.

DSLR World
Cameta Cameras is offering a Nikon D40 with lens bundle for $495. Nice deal if you are looking for exactly this package. Details in the picture below. Click or mouse-over for more.

If you prefer the Nikon D40 with the two kit lens, you can get it for $600 via J&R World. Both lenses are of the DX variety, and the Nikon school DVD is included.

Meanwhile the very versatile Nikon D80 with the new 18-55 DX VR lens (yes VR), is offered at $980, sold and shipped by Amazon itself!

Meanwhile the Sony A100 DSLR is offered body only, sold and shipped by Amazon, for the price of $638. This is a 10 megapixel camera, and has sensor shift stabilization. Since then of course, Sony has announced newer DSLRs, the A200, A300, A350 and A700. Oh my!

Pre-ordering new cameras
Hot after listing is the Pentax A40 at the price of $281. This camera was announced late last year, but because of a fire at a Matsushita factory at the factory that made the batteries, its release had been pushed back.

Also hot on the pre-order circuit is the Canon Digital Rebel XSi, available for $800 body only, or $900 with the 18-55 EF-S IS lens. Yes, a kit lens with image stabilization for an extra $100!

Also a hot pre-order is the Panasonic TZ5 at $350, a camera that follows on the hot footsteps on Panasonic's first blockbuster digital camera outside Japan, the fun zoom Lumix TZ3!

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