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Friday, February 22, 2008

Digital Camera deals at Fry's Electronics (Friday February 22, 2008)

Let's see what Fry's Electronics is advertising in their friday newspaper ads, and whether there's anything of interest there.

First up, the lovely Canon G9 is offered at the very reasonable price of $450 for brick and mortar. Amazon itself has it for $440 or so.

Next comes the blockbuster fun zoom camera, the Panasonic TZ3, offered at the very nice price of $250. Not bad! But please keep in mind that two new models were announced in January 2008, the Panasonic TZ5, which is available for pre-order at $350, and the TZ4 which lists for $300.

Next up, two nice deals from Casio, especially the EX-Z77 offered at just $127! This is amazing, considering this is quite a stylish and refined looking camera for the price! If you prefer an ultra-sleek ultra-compact, red model, yes, red color, with the gadgety-sounding ceramic lens, all you need to pay $197. You don't have to confess to anyone, but this is the ideal camera for those who want to use this camera as high-tech bijou! We know you do that! We know!

Ok, silliness aside, the Sony S730 is a market share grabber model from Sony as it is a brand new camera yet it is offered at $127. And people thought camera-phones would dry up the entry-level digital camera market. Think again! The price is amazing considering. Assuming of course you can stomach Memory Sticks. The price is similar to Amazon.

Moving along, the Kodak V803 is doing its farewell tour at Fry's at $147. Not a bad price, but you can probably find it for less online. Despite the 8-megapixels, this camera actually uses a larger 1/1.8" sensor, so keep that in mind. But just because it has a larger sensor, it doesn't necessarily mean its hunky dory. As with all cameras mentioned, be sure to check reviews, previews, samples and actual pictures! We blog, you decide!

And on the sub-$100 front, we have two models, the Kodak C713 for $88 and the Olympus X-775 for $97. We are not sure which model FE-model the X-775 translates to, but it looks like an FE-210 type, with AA batteries and a 3x optical zoom lens.

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