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Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap into camera deals at Fry's electronics!

Fry's has quite a few leap day specials today, Friday February 29, 2008. Let's take a look at the most notable cameras in terms of discounts, starting with the lowest price first. Which is the Samsung S73, a basic P&S with a 3x zoom lens for just $77. That's right, seventy-seven dollars, not a typo!

Also a basic P&S is the Olympus X-775, which appears to be a derivative model of the AA-based FE-210 - or soemthing like that. Price is right at $97, assuming you are not allergic to the xD memory card format which costs almost twice as much as SD/MMC and it is only used by Olympus and Fuji digital cameras (along with memory card readers of course).

Next up, at $127, we have the brand new Sony Cybershot S730. Wowie, a brand new Sony for so little? It even has a 3x zoom lens! Well, Sony wants two things: Market Share and to hook you into their line-up and get you to start buying Memory Sticks!

Next up, at $230 we have the Olympus FE-300, and at $277 is the Panasonic FX55. Those are the most interesting in terms of price, there's a few more you can check out at Frys.com or in your local newspapers.

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