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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weekend Camera Deals Giant Round-up (February 22 to 24, 2008)

This week we are trying a new feature, a giant round-up of digital camera deals as they happen! Newer deals will be posted first. If a deal is super-hot, it will get its own post, otherwise it will be posted in this table.

Please let us know if you like this format, or prefer our previous posting format! We blog for you!

Sony T20 pink$250 at AmazonLovely T-series model at an affordable price!
Panasonic FX100 black$280 at AmazonMegapixels by the pound! For just $23 per megapixel! It's like buying groceries!
Sanyo Xacti VPC-E1 weatherproof hybrid in blue$400 at AmazonThis is a hybrid, I guess it's also good for the environmetn since it tries to replace two devices with one. That is fine for casual use and small pictures and videos, but if you want prosumer level, you do need two devices I'm afraid. This is not to take anything away from this guy, but that's just how things are with do-it-all devices.
Kodak V803 pink$130 at AmazonThe biggest claim to fame is a 1/1.8" sensor, instead of the smaller 1/2.5" found in other compact and sub-compact cameras for the mass market. As always, be sure to check reviews, sample pictures, but also actual real-world pictures.
Olympus E330 with kit lens$400 by Cameta Cameras on AmazonA slightly older DSLR, with live view however, but no image stabilization. Not a bad idea if you want to give 4/3rds a try without spending too much money.
Sanyo E760 pink$116 at AmazonIf you like Sanyo, pink cameras and low prices, grab this one! Sanyo cameras are not easy to find in the US market, so this is your chance! It is your typical P&S with a 3x optical zoom lens.
Fuji E550$115 by USAbargains at AmazonWe are not familiar with the Amazon 3rd party retailer USA Bargains, so be sure to do your research first, especially since this is a very low price. Do your research!
Panasonic FX12 silver$167 at AmazonThe price is right, but keep in mind this is a slightly older digital camera. Check reviews and forums and such if you want to compare features. This uses a 7mp 1/2.5" sensor
Nikon D80 Body only$740 at Calumet PhotographicNice best bang for the buck deal for the Nikon mount!
Casio Exilim EX-Z75$139 at OneCall.com with free 3-day FedEx shippingNice price! Bargain Alert! If you want a nice sleek compact, this is hot at this price!
Olympus E410 with 2-lens and starter kit$600 at OneCall.com, with S&H starting at $19This is a nice bundle for those getting started with DSLRs or 4/3rds. Two typical "kit" lens, along with a 1gb CF card and the Olympus E410 starter kit. Nice deal!!!
Olympus Stylus 1200, black$220 at OneCall.com with free 3-day FedEx shippingNice price for a weatherproof 1/1.8"-based compact camera! Downsize is xD memory card, but if you already have them, or it doesn't both you, then it's a non-issue
Nikon D200 body only$1300 at Calumet Photographic!Lowest price among the reputable online retailers. Wedged between the D80 and the D300, the D200 is ideal for those who want the D200 features but don't want to pay the D300 price. Not a perfect compromise, but the best available among Nikon DSLRs
Panasonic FX55$220 at OneCall, available in Pink and in BlackThis is a nice price drop. A week ago this camera was going for $280 or so. Obviously there are new 2008 models, but this may be a steal at $220! BARGAIN ALERT!
Ricoh R7$250 at Adorama (free shipping)A new version has just been announced at $400, but if you are a bargain hunter, the previous model is almost always the best bang for the bang deal
Panasonic LZ7 black$120 + S&H at J&R World6x stabilized zoom lens, AA batteries, SD/MMC, what else can you ask for at that price?
Canon PowerShot SD40 Olive Gray$140 + S&H at J&R WorldIf you like the style and the design, this older model might be for you
Panasonic RP-SDR01GU1A 1GB SD Card$8 + S&H at J&R WorldIf you love the Panasonic brand...
16gb Delkin SDHC Class 6 memory card$80 at AdoramaIt boils down to $5 per gigabyte. Please also keep in mind that the more you store on a single card, the bigger the loss it could be if the card is lost or malfunctions
Two 2gb Dane-Elec microSD card kits$20 after $13 mail-in rebate at Buy.com with free shippingIf you need microSD...

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