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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Camera deals at Radio Shack this week (until March 29)

Hey, let's take a look at what Radio Shack has in-store for us! You got questions? They got answers :)

First up, a nicely designed Casio mode, the EX-Z80 is offered for $200. The Exilim Z80 is an 8mp 1/2.5" camera with a typical 3x optical zoom lens, and a 2.6" LCD. On the "gadgety" front it has YouTube and iTunes compatibility modes. Not that you can't do that with other cameras, but Casio takes the extra step of making it readily available for you! Because Casio loves you ;-)

If you love Canons, the new Powershot A580 is offered at $150. This camera "replaces" the A560, and offers a nice bundle of features for the price. But it's nowhere near the pretty camera. This definitely weighs function over style. In our opinion though, we recommend that you get the models with IS. They cost a few dollars more, but it's probably a good idea to get the A590-IS or A570-IS instead of the A580 or A560. But if you don't like IS or you are planning to glue this camera on a tripod, then ignore this :)

Targus is known for making accessories galore! And they have a 58" tripod, on sale, for just $20. Obviously if you want a versatile professional tripod, you have to get one from Adorama or B&H Photo and pay triple figures, but if you are looking for a casual (or throw-around) tripod, it's hard to argue with $20!

No, we are not going to start singing! But rather talk about memory cards offered at Radio Shack. A 2gb memory stick pro duo is offered for $30, which is a nice deal for brick and mortar memory sticks. A 1gb version goes for $20, making the 2gb version the bang for the buck (if there's ever such a thing for memorysticks).

A 2gb Sandisk SD card on the other hand can be yours for $20, while a 1gb card is $13. Again, the 2gb storage is the better bang for the buck.

If you have every memory card type ever made, perhaps you might be interested in this 51-in-1 Digital Concepts memory card reader. Not sure if it reads every memory card ever made though :) But 51 types is a lot! Oh the price? It is $13!

Power me up!
If you are a fan of AA batteries (you know who you are), Radio Shack is offering their 30-minute charger with two AA NiMH batteries for $20. This appears to be a two-slot charger, No details on the mah or the makeup of the batteries are given in the ad. Be sure to check the website below for details. The product code is 23-1303.

For all the deals mentioned here, and to check for in-store or online availability, be sure to check the Radio Shack specials in the nicely desinged link below:


Monday, March 24, 2008

Canon A570 IS for just $136 at Amazon (free shipping too)

What else can you ask for in a $136 camera? The Canon A570 IS has it all! Manual exposure, AA batteries, SD memory card, image stabilization! What else can you ask for the price I ask???

But that's not all! Apart from the free shipping offered by Amazon, you can also mooch off this special:

Receive a unique coupon code for a free 8x8 photo book (a $29.99 value) from Shutterfly when you purchase this product between January 1 and March 31, 2008. (Applies only to products sold by Amazon.com.

Fries with that? Well, probably not, you don't want your camera to be all oily and salty ;-)

If you are not familiar with the lovely A570-IS, be sure to check the reviews at Imaging Resource, and DC Resource, two of the top tier digital camera review sites on the net! There's plenty more reviews, Google is your frenemy ;-)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Camera specials at Fry's Electronics

What does Fry's have in-store for y'all from the world of camera and photo? Let's take a look!

First up, the Sony H7 superzoom is offered at $340, limit one per customer. This is a 15x superzoom Cybershot model, with stabilization. Not familiar with it, be sure to check reviews, user opinions, along with sample and real-world pictures. Just like all other cameras of course, I'm not picking on the H7 in particular :)

Canon fans have two Powershot options, the SD950-IS for $360 and the Canon A720-IS for $200. The A720 has a 6x IS optical zoom lens and eats AA batteries and SD/MMC memory cards.

Last camera is the red Casio Ex-S880 which uses a ceramic lens which will give you bonus chic-geek points for its style and the ceramic lens technology. A great wearable bijou camera for the social-techie ;-) Price? $197!

And for fans of digital photo frames,the 7" Bravo is offered at $77. It can even play mp3s, and wake you up in the morning. But sadly, it can't brew coffee :(

Kodak V1003 for $100 at Target

Run to your local Target store! The Kodak Easyshare V1003 is on clearance at Tarjay for just $100. That's right folks, just one hundred dollars for this camera that has a 10mp 1/1.8" sensor and a 3x optical zoom lens and a 2.5" LCD.

Also on clearance at Target is the Nikon Coolpix L11 for $85! This is a 6mp camera, with a 3x optical zoom lens and a 2.5" LCD, and it takes AA batteries and SD/MMC memory cards. A nice throw-away camera if you like.

Also on sale at Target, a 1gb Lexar SD card for $15 (not a good price), and a Denali camera bag for $9.

For fans of digital picture frames, they have the 8" Digital Decor model for $139. You can also buy extra faceplates for it, to make it match your environment or change its looks. Each additional faceplate costs $8.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Camera deals at Fry's in the Sunday paper

Fry's has a quarter of digital cameras listed in their Sunday paper ad! So, let's take a quick look!

First up, the say-goodbye HP Mz67, at $147, and limit one per customer. This has a 6x optical zoom lens, but no actual image stabilization. It has a 2.5" LCD screen, and 8 megapixels.

A step up, with a 12x stabilized zoom is the Kodak Easyshare Z-X12 IS, offered at $220, not the best of prices though, since you can get the Kodak Z812 IS at Amazon for around $200 right now.

Next up, the Canon SD950 IS for $360, not a bad price for brick and mortar, although obviously not the best price when you compare with some of the reputable online dealers out there on the wild world wide web.

Last but not list, the Olympus E510 with the 14-42 digital zuiko kit lens for $597. As with other Olympus 4/3rds DSLRs, the biggest bang for the buck are the two-lens kits. You may want to take a look at the two-lens kit at Amazon for about $60 more! And no sales tax in most states.

Digital Camera Deals at Office Max this week!

Take a look at all the Digital camera deals at Office Max this week!

The spotlight deal in terms of price is the Kodak V803 with a free digital photo frame for the one low price of $140! Oh my! This is HOT!!! This camera uses a 1/1.8" sensor, not the smaller 1/2.5". And it has "just" eight megapixels, so the sensor is not as crowded. It is an older model in terms of digital camera age. More details.

Other featured cameras in their weekly offering are the Olympus FE-300 at $200 even, the older Sony W55 at $150 for the black or blue finish model.

And a $100 camera deal!, the Sony S700 for just $100! Oh my, how the mighty have fallen! What's next? A rebate or a coupon from Sony? That just doesn't sound right. Sony coupons? Sony rebates? That is just wrong ;-)

For just $10 more, at $110, you can get the Nikon L14 in blue, not a bad deal for this entry-level AA-based Coolpixie. Remember the Sony costs $10 less, but the Memory Stick memory costs more! Unless of course you already have a drawer full of MS Pro Duos :)

Casio makes lovely looking cameras, ideal for "electronic bijou buyers". At $180, you can get the EX-Z77, in black or blue. Nice!

These are just some of the cameras offered. Be sure to check the rest of them using the convenient links we have in this post :) And remember, Office Max is allergic to rebates, which makes them a good retailer for people who are allergic to rebates too :)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Digital camera deals at Best Buy this week

What does the Best Buy photo department have on special in this week's Sunday paper circular advertisment? Let's take a quick look!

First up, a $100 camera deal, the Sony Cybershot S700 is offered at exactly $100. Plus applicable tax of course. No rebates ever at Best Buy, so no worries about that. There is a newer model out, the Sony S730, but you can't really argue about a $100 Sony! Who knew! A $100 Sony digital camera with a 3x optical zoom lens? Wow! Of course you some of that back becuase you have to use the Memory Stick PRo Duo memory card which costa almost twice as much as the more common SD and MMC memory cards that most of the other camera brands use.

If on the other hand you prefer the sleek Sony T-series models, the Cybershot T70 is offered at $280. This is not a bad deal if you like this camera!

Canon's ultracompact, the SD750 silver, with a 3" LCD but no optical viewfinder is now down to $200. Not a bad price either if you like this camera.

Of course you can always buy these for less online, but if you are reading this you either interested in Best Buy or want to have your other local chain stores price-match Best Buy so you can get an even lower price, or use that gift card that has been lingering since Christmas 2007.

Moving along, the Olympus FE-340 is a new camera, starting at $200 and available in either blue or pink, or the "traditional" silver. And at $180 you can get the Kodak M883 and Camera dock charging kit for $180 only! This is just a camera dock, not to be confused with the printer dock which is both a dock and a printer.

DSLR World
DSLR wise, the Nikon D40 with the 18-55 DX lens is offered at $500, which is more or less what you have to pay for this camera kit at Amazon.

You can also add the 55-200 lens and the Nikon starter kit, which includes an extra LiIon battery, Nikon branded camera bag, and Nikon School Guide to SLR photography DVD for the one low price of $750. At least low for Best Buy :-)

Meanwhile something else of interest, they have a 10% off all dSLR lenses special going throughout the week. Of course it depends on what price they are taking 10% off. Because let's face it, 10% off "Too Much" is still "too much"!

Memory Cards
Nothing dramatic here, a 4gb Sony memory stick pro duo goes for $50, which I suppose is a good deal for memory stick users, a 2gb Fuji xd card is $40, a 2gb Kingston SD at $20 (how boring), and a 2gb Sandisk Extreme III high-speed SD card is $40.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Casio EX-Z75 for $130 and other deals at J&R World!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Super bargain! The Casio EX-Z75 Exilim, silver color, goes for just $130 at J&R World. Nice price for a 7mp 3x optical zoom LiIon-based sleek compact.

Meanwhile the Olympus Stylus 1200 12-Megapixel Digital Camera - Black is offered at $200. That's a 12mp camera using a 1/1.7" sensor. Hurry up, bigger sensors are no longer used in compact cameras! The new cameras are using a 10mp 1/2.33" sensor instead.

And what a great coincidence: You can feed your new Olympus with the Sandisk 1GB XD-PictureCard Digital Memory Card SDXDM1024A1 for $13 each.

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