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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Camera deals at Radio Shack this week (until March 29)

Hey, let's take a look at what Radio Shack has in-store for us! You got questions? They got answers :)

First up, a nicely designed Casio mode, the EX-Z80 is offered for $200. The Exilim Z80 is an 8mp 1/2.5" camera with a typical 3x optical zoom lens, and a 2.6" LCD. On the "gadgety" front it has YouTube and iTunes compatibility modes. Not that you can't do that with other cameras, but Casio takes the extra step of making it readily available for you! Because Casio loves you ;-)

If you love Canons, the new Powershot A580 is offered at $150. This camera "replaces" the A560, and offers a nice bundle of features for the price. But it's nowhere near the pretty camera. This definitely weighs function over style. In our opinion though, we recommend that you get the models with IS. They cost a few dollars more, but it's probably a good idea to get the A590-IS or A570-IS instead of the A580 or A560. But if you don't like IS or you are planning to glue this camera on a tripod, then ignore this :)

Targus is known for making accessories galore! And they have a 58" tripod, on sale, for just $20. Obviously if you want a versatile professional tripod, you have to get one from Adorama or B&H Photo and pay triple figures, but if you are looking for a casual (or throw-around) tripod, it's hard to argue with $20!

No, we are not going to start singing! But rather talk about memory cards offered at Radio Shack. A 2gb memory stick pro duo is offered for $30, which is a nice deal for brick and mortar memory sticks. A 1gb version goes for $20, making the 2gb version the bang for the buck (if there's ever such a thing for memorysticks).

A 2gb Sandisk SD card on the other hand can be yours for $20, while a 1gb card is $13. Again, the 2gb storage is the better bang for the buck.

If you have every memory card type ever made, perhaps you might be interested in this 51-in-1 Digital Concepts memory card reader. Not sure if it reads every memory card ever made though :) But 51 types is a lot! Oh the price? It is $13!

Power me up!
If you are a fan of AA batteries (you know who you are), Radio Shack is offering their 30-minute charger with two AA NiMH batteries for $20. This appears to be a two-slot charger, No details on the mah or the makeup of the batteries are given in the ad. Be sure to check the website below for details. The product code is 23-1303.

For all the deals mentioned here, and to check for in-store or online availability, be sure to check the Radio Shack specials in the nicely desinged link below:


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