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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Digital camera deals at Best Buy this week

What does the Best Buy photo department have on special in this week's Sunday paper circular advertisment? Let's take a quick look!

First up, a $100 camera deal, the Sony Cybershot S700 is offered at exactly $100. Plus applicable tax of course. No rebates ever at Best Buy, so no worries about that. There is a newer model out, the Sony S730, but you can't really argue about a $100 Sony! Who knew! A $100 Sony digital camera with a 3x optical zoom lens? Wow! Of course you some of that back becuase you have to use the Memory Stick PRo Duo memory card which costa almost twice as much as the more common SD and MMC memory cards that most of the other camera brands use.

If on the other hand you prefer the sleek Sony T-series models, the Cybershot T70 is offered at $280. This is not a bad deal if you like this camera!

Canon's ultracompact, the SD750 silver, with a 3" LCD but no optical viewfinder is now down to $200. Not a bad price either if you like this camera.

Of course you can always buy these for less online, but if you are reading this you either interested in Best Buy or want to have your other local chain stores price-match Best Buy so you can get an even lower price, or use that gift card that has been lingering since Christmas 2007.

Moving along, the Olympus FE-340 is a new camera, starting at $200 and available in either blue or pink, or the "traditional" silver. And at $180 you can get the Kodak M883 and Camera dock charging kit for $180 only! This is just a camera dock, not to be confused with the printer dock which is both a dock and a printer.

DSLR World
DSLR wise, the Nikon D40 with the 18-55 DX lens is offered at $500, which is more or less what you have to pay for this camera kit at Amazon.

You can also add the 55-200 lens and the Nikon starter kit, which includes an extra LiIon battery, Nikon branded camera bag, and Nikon School Guide to SLR photography DVD for the one low price of $750. At least low for Best Buy :-)

Meanwhile something else of interest, they have a 10% off all dSLR lenses special going throughout the week. Of course it depends on what price they are taking 10% off. Because let's face it, 10% off "Too Much" is still "too much"!

Memory Cards
Nothing dramatic here, a 4gb Sony memory stick pro duo goes for $50, which I suppose is a good deal for memory stick users, a 2gb Fuji xd card is $40, a 2gb Kingston SD at $20 (how boring), and a 2gb Sandisk Extreme III high-speed SD card is $40.

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