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Monday, March 03, 2008

Digital Camera Deals at Office Max this week!

Take a look at all the Digital camera deals at Office Max this week!

The spotlight deal in terms of price is the Kodak V803 with a free digital photo frame for the one low price of $140! Oh my! This is HOT!!! This camera uses a 1/1.8" sensor, not the smaller 1/2.5". And it has "just" eight megapixels, so the sensor is not as crowded. It is an older model in terms of digital camera age. More details.

Other featured cameras in their weekly offering are the Olympus FE-300 at $200 even, the older Sony W55 at $150 for the black or blue finish model.

And a $100 camera deal!, the Sony S700 for just $100! Oh my, how the mighty have fallen! What's next? A rebate or a coupon from Sony? That just doesn't sound right. Sony coupons? Sony rebates? That is just wrong ;-)

For just $10 more, at $110, you can get the Nikon L14 in blue, not a bad deal for this entry-level AA-based Coolpixie. Remember the Sony costs $10 less, but the Memory Stick memory costs more! Unless of course you already have a drawer full of MS Pro Duos :)

Casio makes lovely looking cameras, ideal for "electronic bijou buyers". At $180, you can get the EX-Z77, in black or blue. Nice!

These are just some of the cameras offered. Be sure to check the rest of them using the convenient links we have in this post :) And remember, Office Max is allergic to rebates, which makes them a good retailer for people who are allergic to rebates too :)

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