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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Camera deals roundup (Fry's and Sears)

We start with Frys Electronics, with their latest camera advertisements found in the newspapers and of course their website too.

They have one DSLR, the Canon Digital Rebel XTi for $650, and this includes a free Camera Armor Shield. Oh Fry's you had us at Armor Shield :)

Next we find the slightly older 18X Olympus SP-560uz, for just $350 after instant savings. There is of course a newer model, the SP-570uz, with a 20X zoom, but it goes for around $430 at the moment. So those who want to save can get the more "tested" model, since the SP-560uz has been out for a few months now. The 560 is the third in the new Olympus superzoom series, which got started with the SP-550uz. And of course before these, Olympus was one of the pioneers of superzooms with the 8x and 10x C-7xx series and before that the legendary C2100uz (Uzi) and the E100 R/S, the machine gun before the Casio EX-F1 came about.

On the smaller camera front, we find the new Canon SD890-IS at $350, and this lovely has the new 10mp 1/2.33" sensor (arggggh?), 5x optical zoom lens (but not wide), and 2.5" LCD. Digic III as well.

Olympus has the dynamic duo of Stylus 840 (no "real" stabilization) at $217 in multiple colors, and the FE-310 at $127, also available in multiple colors. The prices are nice, but keep in mind that you have to use xD memory cards with these, which cost more than SD/MMC. Also Olympus has a stupid requirement for panoramas, you have to use an Olympus-branded card. But if you search in the forums, there is a very easy workaround. Olympus should be ashamed of itself for such a cheap gimmick!

Casio has multiple colors too, their 8mp, 3x optical zoom, 2.6" LCD, Exilim EX Z-something camera goes for $177. Be sure to read the reviews. Casio cameras are so cutesy, but sometimes there are some pitfalls, so do read reviews :)

Oh but we are not done with Olympus, they also have the FE-340, an 8mp, 5x optical camera in silver or pink that goes for $179. Slim design and a 2.7" LCD may grab your attention (or not) :)

If you want to store all your pictures without spending too much money, the GQ 100-pack blank DVDs are on sale. Both DVD-R and DVD+R spindles go for $19, making them 19c per disc. No rebate needed. Speed listed on the box is 16X. We do not know what media code or actual speed they have.

There are various memory card deals as well, including a buy one get one free on 2gb Patriot SD memory card, making it $20 for two 2gb cards, an average of $5 per gigabyte which seems to be a pretty good number for 2gb cards.

Come see the softer side of Sears Electronics
Last chance Cybershot fans! It's on clearance! If you loved the Cybershot W55, here is your chance to get it at $150 at Sears. Whie supplies last by the way!

And if you want to load up on memory cqrds, a 3-pack of 1gb PNY cards is $20 after a $30 mail-in rebate. That's not bad, assuming you are not allergic to the whole rebate process.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Digital camera deals for the recession at Staples!

The digital camera specials at Staples this week (April 20 through April 26, 2008) are perfectly matched for the recession, at least in terms of price. We have not one, but two $100 camera deals, and both of these cameras have a 3x optical zoom lens.

Obviously you can't expect miracles from a one-hundred dollar camera, so please do adjust your expectations. The cameras in question as the Kodak Easyshare C713 (7mp, 3x, 2.4" LCD). You can actually save more on this if you buy it together with a Kodak digital picture frame. See ad, website or store for more details.

The other $100 camera is the HP R742, also with a 7-megapixel sensor, 3x optical zoom, and a 2.5" LCD screen. It even has video clips with sound :)

Climbing up the price ladder we find the Olympus FE-310, which happens to be a 2008 model. At $150, you get 8mp, 5x optical zoom, 2.5" LCD, and face-detection.

Last but not least, at $200, we find the old Canon Powershot SD750. This is indeed old for an ultracompact P&S camera, since their lifecycles are barely 12 months. The biggest attraction perhaps for ths camera is a 3" LCD, but there is no optical viewfinder. Canon seems to be one of the few companies that tries to keep the OVFs in at least some of their digital cameras. Not so with the SD750 because they traded off the OVF for the bigger (at the time) 3" LCD. Also 7mp 1/2.5" sensor, and 3x optical zoom lens. This does not start at wide-angle. The wide angle models are the SD800IS and SD870IS.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Camera deals at Radio Shack this week (ends late April 19, 2008)

It's not too late, there's at least 30 hours left for you to take advantage of this week's specials at the various online and offline retailers that offer weekly promotions! So don't let them slip away if you find them interesting!

Radio Shack
You got questions? They got answers! For $80 you can get the GE A735 digital camera for $80, which is an introductory price as it makes its debut. This is your typical 7megapixel, 3x optical zoom entry-level digital camera. It is available in red, or black. It even has face, smile and blink detection. We have not seen any reviews on this, so we know nothing about it.

At $150, you can get the new Canon A580, which has a 4x optical zoom lens but no IS. The price is $150 and that includes a free 1gb Sandisk memory card thanks to Radio Shack. This is a nice camera at the price range, but we recommend that you get the A590-IS or A570-IS instead because they have IS (image stabilization) and only cost a few more dollars. Now if you have no use or interest in IS, then that's a different story :)

Also from Radio Shack, a 2gb Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo is $25, which is just $5 more than the equivalent Sandisk SD card there. You can also get a 4gb Sandisk USB flash drive for just $30, which can be a handy way to make an additional backup of your photos and your data while on the road :)

If you are a fan of the cutesy Casio Exilim digital cameras, RS has a special for you as well. The EX-Z80 is offered with a free $15 iTunes gift card for the price of $200 even. Plus sales tax as always if applicable in your city/state. The Z80 is an 8mp camera, with a 3x optical zoom lens and a 2.6" widescreen LCD display. It also has a YouTube picture mode, and a drag-n-drop video feature. Of course you can do all that with other cameras, but Casio takes an extra step to make it even easier.

For all the latest Radio Shack deals, check the banner below!


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Special deal: SanDisk 4 GB, Extreme III for $20 after rebate at Adorama

The SanDisk 4 GB Extreme III SDHC memory card is offered for just $20 at Adorama, after a $30 mail-in rebate, which you can download and check at the Adorama website!

This is model SDSDRX34096A21, and every SanDisk Extreme III SD card comes with RescuePRO, which can help recover files and images. There are 45 customer reviews of this memory card at the Adorama product page so you can learn a whole lot more about it.

The reviews also feature a numerical summary of all the ratings, which can be helpful if you do not want to read every single review posted out there. The reviews are using review technology from PowerReviews.com!

Camera deals at Best Buy for the week (as seen in the Sunday paper)

What does the Best Buy sunday paper circular ad feature from the world of digital cameras? Any nice deals? Let's take a quick look!

At $150, you can get the brand new Sony Cybershot S730, your typical 7mp, 3x optical, 2.5" LCD point and shoot digital camera, with a face recognition feature (up to three faces). You know they have to limit the number of faces, so as not to cannibilize sales of their upcoming 35mm full frame DSLR ;-)

At $200, you can get the lovely-looking Sony Cybershot W120, available in cool and fashionable pink. This has a 7mp sensor, with a 4x optical zoom lens with SuperSteadyShot optical image stablization. Optical stabilization of course means that the stabilization technology is in the lens (optics, optical, lens).

Also at $200 and with similar specs but no stabilization is the Canon Powershot SD750 silver, an older model with a 3" LCD. It still has DIGIC III though, and it is ideally suited for Canon Elph (aka Ixus and Ixy) who prefer 3" LCD displays, instead of the most common 2.5". Please note though that it does not have an optical viewfinder. Tunnel vision or not :)

With the adoption of the SD/MMC memory cards, Fuji is now able to compete on common ground with the other brands out there and not feel left-out in the world of xD. At $230, you can get the Fuji Z100fd, a camera with an 8mp sensor and a 5x folded-optics optical zoom lens. Please note that this uses a standard sensor, not a Fuji SuperCCD sensor. Not that it really matters, because the benefits of SuperCCD start showing in larger sensors (eg the 6mp magic 1/1.7" sensor found in the legendary Fuji F31fd).

At $250, you have a choice of the Kodak V1253, an older model with a 12mp sensor, or the spanking new Panasonic FS5. The FS-series is a spin-off from the Panasonic FX-series, with the FS-series models being more affordable, and the remaining FX-series being more expensive. This of course not to be confused with the LX-series. The last LX-series camera was the LX2.

Moving along, we find only one superzoom in this week's ad, the Sony Cybershot H9, a slightly older 15X stabilized superzoom at $400. With a 3" LCD if you love big screens. Big of course relative to digital camera screens. Do not compare with your TV screen :)

The only DSLR advertised this week is the older Canon Digital Rebel XT (aka 350D), offered with the standard 18-55 EF-S lens for $500. You may also want to take a look at the XTi (400D) as their prices are close, although obviously the XT is cheaper.

There are about half a dozen memory cards advertised but nothing really groundbreaking. They do have the 4gb Sandisk Extreme SDCFX3-004G-A31 compactflash for $60, and the 2gb Sandisk Memorystick, SDMSPD-2048-A10, for $25. And in case you were wondering, Memory Stick is a registered trademark of the Sony corporation.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sigma SD14 DSLR down to $550 at Amazon!

If you are a fan of Foveon or Sigma DSLRs, and don't want to spend a lot of money, we have some good news for you! The Sigma SD14 DSLR, body only, is now down to $550, offered by Cameta Cameras on Amazon.com!

If you are not familiar with the SD14, be sure to check some of the reviews posted on the net by various review sites, such as Pop Photo (the magazine/site), DCI, Sigma User, and Trusted Reviews.

If you want to study the detailed specifications of the SD14, be sure to check the dpreview specs page.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Hot camera deals for the weekend!

Oh my digital camera bargain hunters! We got some real nice deals for you!!! Get ready, set, SHOP!

What a laptop deal!
This is a nice companion for your photography work on the road, the office or at home. Obviously don't expect to use this as a Photoshop workstation, but for all the other tasks, it should be a trusty companion: Inspiron 1525 + 320 GB HD + 3GB mem for only $649. The special expires 4/7/08. That's right, you get the 15.4" widescreen 1525 Inspiron, with 3gb of memory, a nice 320gb hard hard disk, Intel T2330 dual core processor, dvd burner, wireless and such. HOT HOT HOT!

DSLR Deals
It's shipping! It's shipping! You can get the brand new Sony Alpha A350 DSLR with the 18-70 DT kit lens for just $900 at Amazon. This is a new DSLR that uses a new 14mp CCD APS-C sensor by Sony. So you get a lower price per megapixel :)

Digital Camera Deals
Feed your need for megapixels at just $15 per megapixel! That's right, the black Olympus Stylus 1200 is offered for just $180 by J&R World. And hurry up, because the newer non-SW Stylus models are losing the weatherproofness! And who wants to buy a 14mp model when the 1200 gets replaced? We already think 12mp is too much for this small sensor size, but what do we know?

Fun fun fun! That's what people who even hate the Panasonic TZ3 say to describe it. So you can have fun in the sun with the Panasonic DMC-TZ3K for just $200, offered by veteran J&R World. That is an awesome deal camera geeks! Yes, the TZ3 has been replaced by the newer TZ5 and TZ4, but they cost over $300 at the moment and have more megapixels. Obviously you can't expect the TZ3 to take DSLR-quality pictures, but this is not intended as a DSLR replacement. It is intended as a fun versatile camera. Pixel peepers who like to get angry by noise and noise artifacts will also be thrilled by the TZ3 as it will give them plenty to get angry about :)

A mislabeled 1gb USB 2.0 flash drive is just $7 at Tigerdirect. The label says 512mb, but the flash drive is actually 1gb. Not a bad price for a 1gb stick! $7!!!

A 2gb Dane-Elec SD memory card can be yours for just $9 at Buy.com. Eligible for free budget shipping as well!

Buy.com is also having memory card specials throughout the month, so be sure to check the latest deals through the banner right below:

SD Cards at Buy.com

Thursday, April 03, 2008

SimpleTech SP-U35/500 today only $100 at Amazon!

We have a one-day special for you storage fans, because your pictures have to be stored somewhere, intermediately or temporarily! The SimpleTech SP-U35/500 is the Gold Box deal of the day at Amazon, sold for $100 and with free shipping. To see this special, be sure to check your Gold Box, the thing that looks like it came from the Pirates of the Carribean.

This black SimpleDrive 500 GB 3.5" USB 2.0 Hard Drive was designed by Pininfarina (who? the designer of Ferrari sports cars). It comes with a one-year warranty, but a Ferrari is not included :)

There are 33 customer reviews at Amazon, some of them providing useful information on the use, operation and compatibility of this drive. You can also sort out the reviews by the best positive and best negative reviews, so you can get a fair and balanced outlook!

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