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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Camera deals at Best Buy for the week (as seen in the Sunday paper)

What does the Best Buy sunday paper circular ad feature from the world of digital cameras? Any nice deals? Let's take a quick look!

At $150, you can get the brand new Sony Cybershot S730, your typical 7mp, 3x optical, 2.5" LCD point and shoot digital camera, with a face recognition feature (up to three faces). You know they have to limit the number of faces, so as not to cannibilize sales of their upcoming 35mm full frame DSLR ;-)

At $200, you can get the lovely-looking Sony Cybershot W120, available in cool and fashionable pink. This has a 7mp sensor, with a 4x optical zoom lens with SuperSteadyShot optical image stablization. Optical stabilization of course means that the stabilization technology is in the lens (optics, optical, lens).

Also at $200 and with similar specs but no stabilization is the Canon Powershot SD750 silver, an older model with a 3" LCD. It still has DIGIC III though, and it is ideally suited for Canon Elph (aka Ixus and Ixy) who prefer 3" LCD displays, instead of the most common 2.5". Please note though that it does not have an optical viewfinder. Tunnel vision or not :)

With the adoption of the SD/MMC memory cards, Fuji is now able to compete on common ground with the other brands out there and not feel left-out in the world of xD. At $230, you can get the Fuji Z100fd, a camera with an 8mp sensor and a 5x folded-optics optical zoom lens. Please note that this uses a standard sensor, not a Fuji SuperCCD sensor. Not that it really matters, because the benefits of SuperCCD start showing in larger sensors (eg the 6mp magic 1/1.7" sensor found in the legendary Fuji F31fd).

At $250, you have a choice of the Kodak V1253, an older model with a 12mp sensor, or the spanking new Panasonic FS5. The FS-series is a spin-off from the Panasonic FX-series, with the FS-series models being more affordable, and the remaining FX-series being more expensive. This of course not to be confused with the LX-series. The last LX-series camera was the LX2.

Moving along, we find only one superzoom in this week's ad, the Sony Cybershot H9, a slightly older 15X stabilized superzoom at $400. With a 3" LCD if you love big screens. Big of course relative to digital camera screens. Do not compare with your TV screen :)

The only DSLR advertised this week is the older Canon Digital Rebel XT (aka 350D), offered with the standard 18-55 EF-S lens for $500. You may also want to take a look at the XTi (400D) as their prices are close, although obviously the XT is cheaper.

There are about half a dozen memory cards advertised but nothing really groundbreaking. They do have the 4gb Sandisk Extreme SDCFX3-004G-A31 compactflash for $60, and the 2gb Sandisk Memorystick, SDMSPD-2048-A10, for $25. And in case you were wondering, Memory Stick is a registered trademark of the Sony corporation.

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