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Friday, April 18, 2008

Camera deals at Radio Shack this week (ends late April 19, 2008)

It's not too late, there's at least 30 hours left for you to take advantage of this week's specials at the various online and offline retailers that offer weekly promotions! So don't let them slip away if you find them interesting!

Radio Shack
You got questions? They got answers! For $80 you can get the GE A735 digital camera for $80, which is an introductory price as it makes its debut. This is your typical 7megapixel, 3x optical zoom entry-level digital camera. It is available in red, or black. It even has face, smile and blink detection. We have not seen any reviews on this, so we know nothing about it.

At $150, you can get the new Canon A580, which has a 4x optical zoom lens but no IS. The price is $150 and that includes a free 1gb Sandisk memory card thanks to Radio Shack. This is a nice camera at the price range, but we recommend that you get the A590-IS or A570-IS instead because they have IS (image stabilization) and only cost a few more dollars. Now if you have no use or interest in IS, then that's a different story :)

Also from Radio Shack, a 2gb Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo is $25, which is just $5 more than the equivalent Sandisk SD card there. You can also get a 4gb Sandisk USB flash drive for just $30, which can be a handy way to make an additional backup of your photos and your data while on the road :)

If you are a fan of the cutesy Casio Exilim digital cameras, RS has a special for you as well. The EX-Z80 is offered with a free $15 iTunes gift card for the price of $200 even. Plus sales tax as always if applicable in your city/state. The Z80 is an 8mp camera, with a 3x optical zoom lens and a 2.6" widescreen LCD display. It also has a YouTube picture mode, and a drag-n-drop video feature. Of course you can do all that with other cameras, but Casio takes an extra step to make it even easier.

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