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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Camera deals roundup (Fry's and Sears)

We start with Frys Electronics, with their latest camera advertisements found in the newspapers and of course their website too.

They have one DSLR, the Canon Digital Rebel XTi for $650, and this includes a free Camera Armor Shield. Oh Fry's you had us at Armor Shield :)

Next we find the slightly older 18X Olympus SP-560uz, for just $350 after instant savings. There is of course a newer model, the SP-570uz, with a 20X zoom, but it goes for around $430 at the moment. So those who want to save can get the more "tested" model, since the SP-560uz has been out for a few months now. The 560 is the third in the new Olympus superzoom series, which got started with the SP-550uz. And of course before these, Olympus was one of the pioneers of superzooms with the 8x and 10x C-7xx series and before that the legendary C2100uz (Uzi) and the E100 R/S, the machine gun before the Casio EX-F1 came about.

On the smaller camera front, we find the new Canon SD890-IS at $350, and this lovely has the new 10mp 1/2.33" sensor (arggggh?), 5x optical zoom lens (but not wide), and 2.5" LCD. Digic III as well.

Olympus has the dynamic duo of Stylus 840 (no "real" stabilization) at $217 in multiple colors, and the FE-310 at $127, also available in multiple colors. The prices are nice, but keep in mind that you have to use xD memory cards with these, which cost more than SD/MMC. Also Olympus has a stupid requirement for panoramas, you have to use an Olympus-branded card. But if you search in the forums, there is a very easy workaround. Olympus should be ashamed of itself for such a cheap gimmick!

Casio has multiple colors too, their 8mp, 3x optical zoom, 2.6" LCD, Exilim EX Z-something camera goes for $177. Be sure to read the reviews. Casio cameras are so cutesy, but sometimes there are some pitfalls, so do read reviews :)

Oh but we are not done with Olympus, they also have the FE-340, an 8mp, 5x optical camera in silver or pink that goes for $179. Slim design and a 2.7" LCD may grab your attention (or not) :)

If you want to store all your pictures without spending too much money, the GQ 100-pack blank DVDs are on sale. Both DVD-R and DVD+R spindles go for $19, making them 19c per disc. No rebate needed. Speed listed on the box is 16X. We do not know what media code or actual speed they have.

There are various memory card deals as well, including a buy one get one free on 2gb Patriot SD memory card, making it $20 for two 2gb cards, an average of $5 per gigabyte which seems to be a pretty good number for 2gb cards.

Come see the softer side of Sears Electronics
Last chance Cybershot fans! It's on clearance! If you loved the Cybershot W55, here is your chance to get it at $150 at Sears. Whie supplies last by the way!

And if you want to load up on memory cqrds, a 3-pack of 1gb PNY cards is $20 after a $30 mail-in rebate. That's not bad, assuming you are not allergic to the whole rebate process.

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