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Friday, April 04, 2008

Hot camera deals for the weekend!

Oh my digital camera bargain hunters! We got some real nice deals for you!!! Get ready, set, SHOP!

What a laptop deal!
This is a nice companion for your photography work on the road, the office or at home. Obviously don't expect to use this as a Photoshop workstation, but for all the other tasks, it should be a trusty companion: Inspiron 1525 + 320 GB HD + 3GB mem for only $649. The special expires 4/7/08. That's right, you get the 15.4" widescreen 1525 Inspiron, with 3gb of memory, a nice 320gb hard hard disk, Intel T2330 dual core processor, dvd burner, wireless and such. HOT HOT HOT!

DSLR Deals
It's shipping! It's shipping! You can get the brand new Sony Alpha A350 DSLR with the 18-70 DT kit lens for just $900 at Amazon. This is a new DSLR that uses a new 14mp CCD APS-C sensor by Sony. So you get a lower price per megapixel :)

Digital Camera Deals
Feed your need for megapixels at just $15 per megapixel! That's right, the black Olympus Stylus 1200 is offered for just $180 by J&R World. And hurry up, because the newer non-SW Stylus models are losing the weatherproofness! And who wants to buy a 14mp model when the 1200 gets replaced? We already think 12mp is too much for this small sensor size, but what do we know?

Fun fun fun! That's what people who even hate the Panasonic TZ3 say to describe it. So you can have fun in the sun with the Panasonic DMC-TZ3K for just $200, offered by veteran J&R World. That is an awesome deal camera geeks! Yes, the TZ3 has been replaced by the newer TZ5 and TZ4, but they cost over $300 at the moment and have more megapixels. Obviously you can't expect the TZ3 to take DSLR-quality pictures, but this is not intended as a DSLR replacement. It is intended as a fun versatile camera. Pixel peepers who like to get angry by noise and noise artifacts will also be thrilled by the TZ3 as it will give them plenty to get angry about :)

A mislabeled 1gb USB 2.0 flash drive is just $7 at Tigerdirect. The label says 512mb, but the flash drive is actually 1gb. Not a bad price for a 1gb stick! $7!!!

A 2gb Dane-Elec SD memory card can be yours for just $9 at Buy.com. Eligible for free budget shipping as well!

Buy.com is also having memory card specials throughout the month, so be sure to check the latest deals through the banner right below:

SD Cards at Buy.com

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