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Friday, May 30, 2008

Camera deals at Fry's (Friday newspaper ads)

So what does Fry's Electronics has advertised for Friday high tech shoppers? Lots of stuff as usual, let's take a look at the digital cameras!

Front page of their ad is the Olympus Stylus 850SW for $267, which is about $17 above Amazon price. This uses an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor, and is a member of the shockproof/waterproof "SW" series. If only Olympus added support for SD/SDHC memory cards, these would sell like hot cakes! Olympus, listening?

From the same like, we have the 1030SW for $350, which is exactly the Amazon price, give or take a few pennies here and there. No rebates adn available in multiple fashionably loud colors.

More from Olympus, whose sales perhaps may be boosted by the Olympics, simply because of the similarity in name, the FE-240 with its 19 shooting modes is going for $1777 and it is available in multiple colors!

And two ultracompact stylish cameras on sale, the Panasonic FS3 for $180, and the Casio Exilim EX-Z80 for $177 and in multiple delicious colors. This seems to be a magic price, and as we said before, the sub-$200 price is a great bang for the buck price level.

If you want to spend even less, the Canon A470 is just $117 and in multiple colors. Our suggestion is to look at the A-series models with image stabilization instead, if you have the budget for them, such as the A570-IS, A590-IS and A720-IS.

Last but certainly not least, the Canon Digital Rebel XSi 450D with the 18-55 EF-S IS kit lens is offered for an amazing $3 discount off the standard price. Yes, you can get it for $897. Lucky you :)

There is also a 12-months no interest special financing promo, whose terms and conditions you can find at frys.com or at their local stores or somewhere in the newspaper ad.

A USB 2.0 memory card reader of unknown brand can be yours for $5 after a $5 mail-in rebate. It reads multiple formats including SmartMedia and micro drives.

You can never have too many mice, they have a $4 optical mouse of uknown brand and maker. Disposable price? One per customer please!

Monday, May 26, 2008

New hot camera deals at Amazon!

Let's take a look at what's making some noise at the Amazon Photo department! The specials are on-going, while supplies last or the prices change of course.

Red, red wine! Okay, not wine, but red red camera! The Samsung L200 just got discounted to $150 and this price makes this an interesting camera to look at. It has a 10mp 1/2.3" sensor, with a 3x optical zoom lens, and a LiIon battery with SD/MMC memory card support.

Feed your Canon DSLRs a new wide angle digital-only lens! The Tokina 12-24mm f4 AT-X Pro DX is on sale for $469, offered by 17th Street Photo. This lens is for the Canon mount! And "DX" means that you can only use it on APS-C DSLRs, same way with Canon's own EF-S lenses.

Accessorize! Ten dollars is all it takes, plus shipping, to get Vidpro's Gripster Camera Tripod GP-10 from Cameta Cameras. The gripster has flexible legs, as you can see in the picture above! You may have seen the more famous brand, Gorilla Pods, but now just about everyone is making these.

Best Buy week-long Memorial Day sales!

Best Buy also had a two-day Memorial Day sale, just like Circuit City, but Best Buy's sale did not include any digital cameras.

But their regular week-long circular ad sure does feature digital cameras, including three different and very popular DSLR kits.

Digital Cameras under $200
This is a great price point as you can get a lot of a camera for such a low price. Obviously you can't expect it to behave or perform like a $1000 DSLR though! We'll go through them in price order, cheaper ones go first!

And that's where we find the Kodak C813, at one hundred dollars, making a $100 camera deal! This has an 8mp sensor, and a 3x optical zoom lens, and a 2.4" LCD. Kodak was allegedly exiting the entry-level market. Yeah, sure!

At $130, after a recent price drop, we find the Fuji J10. The J-series is a new Fujifilm series that features entry-level cameras using LiIon batteries. Unlike their A-series line-up, these do attempt to look stylish and compact. They take both SD and xD memory cards, so they are tempting for both general buyers and also current owners of Olympus and Fuji gear.

At $135, we find the Sony Cybershot S730, Sony's new entry-level point and shoot, with a 7mp sensor, and 3x optical zoom. Not a bad price if you must have a Sony in your hands and pay as little as possible.

Next up, at $60, we find the Kodak M893, with 8 megapixels and a typical 3x optical zoom lens. Kodak's new M-series moved away from AA-based cameras and towards LiIon-based as their bread and butter series.

Same price as Circuit City, the Canon SD750 is a nice deal at $180, if you like a 3" LCD and don't mind not having an optical viewfinder, and you are not insecure about using an "older" camera.

Fashionably loud is what the red Casio EX-S10 is. The camera that continues on the legacy started by the tiny slim EX-Sxx series, offers 10mp, a 3x optical zoom lens, anda $25 iTunes gift card for $250. Style over substance? Quite possibly!

Nikon wants their Coolpix line-up to be taken more seriously among buyers, seriously in terms of sales that is. And that's where the $250 Coolpix S600 comes in, offering 12 megapixels with its 1/1.7" sensor. It has a 2.7" LCD and starts at 28mm wide which is nice for fans of wide-angle digital compacts, since up until recently, there were very few affordable cameras in that segment.

Next up, Olympus has the Stylus 1010 at $280, a 10mp 1/2.3" camera with a 7x optical zoom lens and a2.7" LCD. Alas, it only takes xD memory cards.

Last but not least, the Kodak Easyshare Z1012IS is one of Kodak's newer superzooms, and has a very descriptive name, as the name reveals the number of megapixels (10), the zoom ratio (12), the availability of image stabilization (IS) and the fact that it is a zoom camera (Z). Perfect name, but how does the camera do? You can get this bundled with an extra Kodak LiIon battery and charger kit for $300. The charger kit is Kodak model K8500-C.

For more details, visit the Best Buy website.

DSLRs at Best Buy
Three popular DSLRs kits are offered at Best Buy, unlike Circuit City who decided to go "alternative" by featuring three Sony and Olympus DSLRs and *gasp* only one Canon-Nikon.

The three kits here at the Nikon D40 with the 18-55 DX lens for $480, or $570 if you prefer to get the two-lens kit. The second lens being the Nikkor 55-200.

Canon fans might be interested in the Canon Digital Rebel XTi 400D, for $650 with the 18-55 EF-S lens, or $780 with the addition of fries and the EF 75-300 lens. Okay, fries was a joke :)

And the Nikon D80 is spotlighted with the 18-135 DX lens, going together for $1000 even. Plus sales tax of course if applicable where you are. You can boost this bundle with the 70-300 VR lens, but then this versatile kit will cost you $1530.

And speaking of DSLRs, all Lowepro DSLR backups are on sale at Circuit City, but do note that the markdowns are taken from their regular prices, a traditional retail policy to "highlight" the discount percentages.

Among those, they promote the Lowepro DSLR kit specifically made for the Digital Rebel XTi, and it includes a bag, filter and extra battery which is obviously compatible with the XTi. This set goes for $60. Camera and lenses (obviously) not included :)

Digital Camera Accessories
Apart from the Lowepro bags we discussed above in the DSLR section, there's plenty of memory cards on sale, with a Sandisk 4gb SDHC going for $25, model SDSDB-4096-A11/BB), and a 2gb Ultra II going for $20, model SDSDH-002G0A11.

Also Compact Flash fans can get the Sandisk Extreem SDCFX3-004G-A31 for $50, and as the model name suggests, this is an Extreme III high speed card.

Sony fans don't feel left out, the Sony-branded Memory Stick Pro Duo Mark II goes for $50. This is model MSMT4G.

Also, digital photo frames are getting a store-wide 10% off discount. Or just use your existing TV or HDTV or computer monitor with video input as a poor man's digital photo frame :)

Circuit City Memorial Day Week-long sale

We already discussed the 2-day Memorial Day weekend sale at Circuit City that ends tonight. In addition, Circuit City has their usual week-long sale, as seen online or in the Sunday paper circular ads.

Digital Cameras
A very nice price for the Canon SD750, an older Elph model, with a 3" LCD but no optical viewfinder. The price is $180 and it is only $10 more than Amazon! When factoring in shipping time vs sales tax, you could convince yourself to get it at brick and mortar, if you must have it yesterday :)

Special color versions of digital cameras are one of the main themes at Circuit this week, starting with the exclusive plum version of the Samsung L100 going for $150. This is a 10mp, 3x optical zoom, 2.5" LCD, LiIon-based, SD/MMC point and shoot compact.

You can also get a green version of the Panasonic FS3 for $180. This is more of a blue-green, but what do I know? If on the other hand pink is what you love, the Casio Ex-Z80 is on sale for $170, and it also includes a bonus $15 iTunes gift card. Leave it to Casio to get all the internet buzzwords inside their camera, including YouTube, iTunes and eBay! It looks like they, not Pentax, are the official camera of the internet after all :)

The Olympus Stylus SW is presented as the "ultimate road trip companion" and there is some truth to that given the waterproof and crashproof and dustproofness of the SW series of Olympus. They offer the 1030SW at $370, and the 850SW at $280. Both are about $20 to $30 above Amazon, but if you are on your way to your next roadtrip... :)

Sony finally embraces wide-angle in their compacts, and you can jump on that without spending too much, the Cybershot W170 can be yours for just $210. Not a bad price for this camera which also features a 5X Carl Zeiss lens, and the popular in 2008 10mp 1/2.3" sensor.

For more fun, the Panasonic TZ5 is offered at $320, but that is a bad price, considering you can get this at Amazon right now for $270, in either black or silver finish.

We finish this segment with the really entry level Canon A470 going for $120, and the Canon SD870 IS, a wide-angle darling, going for $280. This also have a bonus, you can get a free Canon CP740 printer, aftera $100 combined purchase rebate.

Circuit City Weekly Ad 468x60

DSLR Specials at Circuit City
The Canon Digital Rebel XTi 400D, along with its 18-55 EF-S lens are offered for $630, another great price considering that the online prices have been going crazy lately.

And then, in a rather surprising move, Circuit City features two Sony and one Olympus DSLR, and nothing else from Canon and Nikon. Oh my! The Olympus is the E510 with the 14-42 kit lens going for $600 or $700 in a two-lens kit. This price not so good, you can get it at Amazon for $620.

The two Sony Alpha DSLRs are the CES 2008 newcomer, the Alpha A200 with kit lens for $570, and the Alpha A350 going for $825 with the 18-70 DT lens, or $925 in the two-lens kit. The other lens being the DT 55-200 f4-5.6.

And one more thing, there is a free DSLR bundle with every DSLR purchase this week. You receive the following bonus items after a $100 mail-in rebate:

  1. a book, the "DSLR for Dummies" book
  2. an Epson R280 printer free
  3. Snapfish leather photo album
  4. remote FireDog training

Camera Accessories
You can have a 2gb Sandisk memory card, model SDSDB248A10, for $15, which is a great price for a brick and mortar store and 2gb card! This comes out to $7.50 per gigabyte.

More memory? The 4gb Sandisk SDHC goes for $25, which is also a nice price. This is model SDSDB4096A11, and no rebates are needed. No limites either. If you prefer this capacity in an Ultra II flavor for improved performance, then you pony up an extra $5, for a total of $30. This is model SDSDRH004GA1.

Also avaialble are MemorySticks and Compact Flashes on sale from Sandisk, in 2gb and 4gb capacities and with prices about 1.5X to 2X of the SD prices.

4-day Memorial Day weekend sale at Radio Shack

Radio Shack features four digital cameras and some decently priced accessories as part of their 4-day Memorial Day weekend sale that ends tonight. So, let's take a look!

If you like the new Kodak M-series cameras, and 3" LCD is a must, and staying at $130 or so is another requirement, then perhaps you might be interested in the Kodak M883, an 8-megapixel camera with a 3x optical zoom lens. It also has face detection and a metal body. And as a bonus you get a 256mb memory card instantly. Yes, you read right, a 256MB card. Yes, this is the May 2008 ad :)

Next up, at $150, you can have the red Samsung L100 (we presume), with a 10mp sensor and a 3x optical zoom, with face detection and such. Radio Shack says the red color is an exclusive for their chain, which matches the Radio Shack red color :) The price is $150, but you also receive a $10 Radio Shack gift card instantly with purchase, which you could turn around and spend on accessories and such!


If you want to spend a bit more, the stylish Casio EX-Z80K can be yours for $180, and that includes a free 1gb Sandisk memory card, which goes for about $10 or less when on sale. The Exilim has an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor, 3x optical zoom, 2.6" LCD, and a YouTube video mode.

The last camera in the circular is the GE A735, available in red or blue, and comes with a bonus 256MB memory card. This is a 7mp camera with a 3x optical zoom lens, and 2.5" LCD display.

Digital Camera Accessory bargains
And that's what the 50" Targus tripod is at $7.50. Obviously you can't compare it in terms of features and durability to a Borgen Manfrotto or the other big name brands, but you are paying $7.50. That's almost disposable price. You can always keep this as a backup, or the trunk of the car, or use it in situations where you don't want to ruin or risk your favorite or primary tripod.

Also from Targus, a universal memory card readers goes for $5. We are not sure which memory card formats it reads, but we assume it should take all the major formats. Be sure to check the Radio Shack or Targus sites for more details. The Radio Shack site can be quickly accessed to the graphic ad shown above!

They also have two Sandisk memory card specials, the 4gb SD goes for $28 which is not a bad price, and the 2gb SD goes for $18, which is not bad for retail, but not as good when you compare online. The 4gb is obviously a bigger bang for the buck.

And speaking of memory, they also feature an 8gb Sandisk USB flash drive for $40, and no rebates. That comes out to $5 per gigabyte which is a good price.

Plus, you can get a 40-pack of Radio Shack branded AA or AAA alkaline batteries for $15. We recommend using rechargeables instead, but there are situations where using AA/AAA alkalines is a better option. Well, as long as you recycle them, then you don't have to feel guilty ;-)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

More Memorial Day Weekend sale cameras at Fry's

We already mentioned Friday's Fry's flyers, now we have more digital cameras advertised in the Sunday paper by Fry's themselves!

No DSLRs listed, but they do have the Canon S5 IS going for $320, which is not a bad price, considering you can get it at Amazon for around $310. Of course you do have to factor in sales tax vs waiting for the shippment to arrive, but that choice is yours!

On the affordable front, they have the Sony S730 going for just $127, plus of course the extra cost of Memory Stick Pro Duo (over SD/MMC memory cards). This is limit one per customer. I guess Sony's new approach to the market is sell lower priced cameras and make it up via memorysticks and accessories and such.

A stylish Stylus can be yours for $200 if you are not afraid of the xD memory card or if you already have a few of those cards in your possession. The model in question is the Olympus Stylus 840, which has a 5x optical zoom lens, 8mp 1/2.5" sensor, 2.7" LCD, and it is avaialble in your choice of four colors. You do have to pick from pre-existing colors, you can't just pull out your crayons and color it like that. Not that anyone will stop you after you buy it :)

Canon fans may be interested in the SD 870 IS, a wide-angle Elph, something that made this camera, and its predecessor, the SD 800 IS popular, especially among enthusiast and professional photographers looking for a pocketable carryaround camera. The price is $270 and limit one per customer, and it is about $15 to $20 higher than Amazon. Plus the usual shipment weight vs sales tax trade-off.

Accessories for your digital cameras
Memories! No, not the Broadway song, the memory cards! You can get an 8gb SDHC Patriot card for just $30, limit one per customer. This brings the price to a very reasonable $3.75 per gigabyte!

Or if you don't wnat to put all your baskets in one egg (!), you can get a four-pack fo 2gb Patriot SD memory cards, for a total price of $30 after a $5 mail-in rebate. So it's the same price as above, after the MIR, but you have four cards instead of one! Risk management!

And before we go, there's an 8.4" Lasonic JL-305 digital picture frame on sale for $127, and it accepts SD, Memory Stick and Compact Flash according to the ad.

OfficeMax digital camera specials for Memorial Day week

Please note that your mileage may vary as these may be regional or localized OfficeMax specials, or vary from store to store depending on investory, size, location, and such! So be sure to check before you go!

The lovely looking Casio EX-Z77 is on sale at this moment for $130. This is not a bad price considering you are getting a sleek looking point and shoot camera, with some bells and whistles too.

For $100 exactly, you can get one of the entry-level Kodak M-series models, which has your typical 3x optical zoom, LiIon, SD memory card and such. Also from Kodak, an affordable superzoom with IS, and this one may not be a bad idea, the Easyshare Z712-IS is now $170. It has a 12X optical zoom lens with image stabilization, and a 2.5" LCD, along with a 7mp 1/2.5" sensor.

Depending on location, you may also find the Sony W55 on clearance for $150. It's heir to the blockbuster throne appears to be the W120, so if you are not decidedly one way or the other, you may want to compare the two before jumping in. The W120 is definitely more stylish!

For more Office Max specials, and store locations, and such, be sure to visit the Office Max website.

Memorial Day 2-day sale at Circuit City!

Two hot digital camera bargains are available today (Sunday) and Monday at Circuit City, as part of their Memorial Day sale, and featured in their weekly sunday paper circular!

We start with the $100 camera deal, a pink Kodak C713 and a bonus 1gb memory card going for $100. This is a 7mp, 3x optical zoom digital camera. The memory card is a standard Sandisk, model SDSDB1024A10.

Also a nice bargain if you are chasing the price-point, is the Fuji S700 (aka S5700) going for $150 and it also includes a bonus 1gb Sandisk SD memory card, same model as above. This is a 7mp camera with a 10x optical zoom. But do please note that it does not have IS (image stabilization) or sensor anti-shake. But the price is right if you want to spend $150 or less :)

And speaking of memory cards, they are also offergin a two-pack of Sandisk 2gb cards for $25, without any rebates. So you get a total of 4gb in two SD cards, for $25, that comes out to $6.xx per gigabyte which is not a bad number for sub-4gb cards. The model for those who care is the Sandisk SDSDB22048A11.

And if you are looking for a "glorified picture frame", the Envision G22LWK 22" widescreen LCD monitor with 1680x1050 resolution and 5ms response time in on sale for$190 after a $60 mail-in rebate!

For all the details, be sure to vist your local or online Circuit City!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

More digital camera deals at Amazon!

We already mentioned some Memorial Day Weekend deals at Amazon, but we are not done! More and more are coming up! So, let's take a quick look!

Cameta Cameras is offering a giant bundle of the Canon Digital Rebel XSi, aka, the 450D, with the 18-55 EF-S IS lens, the EF 75-300 f4-5.6 III lens, a spare LPE5 battery, an 8gb Transcend class 6 SDHC card, and a few more extra accessories! The XSi was just recently reviewed by dpreview, giving a highly recommended rating in a 35 page DSLR review! Oops! We forgot to mention the most important thing, the price, it is $1170 plus $23 for shipping and handling.

In the interest of equal time, we will also present a Nikon deal by Cameta, the Nikon D40 super bundle, which includes the D40 itself, the two lens kit (18-55 DX and 55-200), a 2gb Transcend (150x) SD card, a Nikon system gadget bag, and a few more extras and accessories, all with full USA warranty of course! The price? $600 plus $19 for shipping and handling!

Last but not least, we have a $100 camera deal! This is by 3rd party seller "Ace Photo Digital", which we are not familiar with, but it seems to be generating bargains at Amazon, so be sure to do your own research! This is a loaded special bundle of the Fuji Z100fd, and it includes the camera itself obviously, a 1gb card, carrying case, mini tripod, cleaning kit, LCD protectors, and 25 free prints. The Z100fd is an 8mp camera, with a 5X optical zoom lens. This was announced in the USA later than other markets, and should not be confused with the more entry-level Z10fd!

Bargain Monopod!
A $17 monopod, sold and shipped by Amazon itself! Free shipping if your total order is over $25, and it should be worth it to do so, just add music (mp3s) or videos (unbox) or a gift card or two to exceed $25. The $17 monopod is the Vanguard Lightweight Monopod with Ball Panhead. There are three short customer reviews of this monopod at Amazon.

Hot Memorial Day weekend deals at Amazon right now

With the Memorial Day weekend underway, let's see what cameras are generating some sales buzz at Amazon at the moment!

Oh isn't she lovely? And no need for Memory Stick Pro duo! The Sony T2, a T-series Cybershot model, has four gigabytes of on-board memory included, so you don't have to use a MemoryStick unless of course you want to! The price is $300 exactly with free shipping too.

And good news for fans of the Sigma DP1, it has finally gotten a discount at Amazon, it is currently selling for $761 with free shipping too. This camera has received a number of reviews recently including dpreview.

If you want a new, fun, affordable and exciting portable superzoom camera to take everywhere with you, then you may be interested in the new Panasonic TZ4, which is the less famous of the TZ5/TZ4 Lumix duet. It currently goes for just $237 with free shipping, sold and shipped by Amazon.com itself! Over there, they also have a special offer when you buy that along with a 4gb Sandisk SDHC Extreme III memory card with a MicroMate USB 2.0 reader, which is retail package SDSDRX3-4096-A21.

Get your wide-angle pocket camera for just $250! That is the Canon SD-870IS, starting at 28mm wide, and offering the usual amenities of the Canon Elph Ixus Ixy line-up.

But let's not ignore the elephants in teh room, the Canon Instant Rebates, which have put the Canon 40D with the EF 28-135 f3.5-5.6 IS USM lens at $1130, and the 40D body only at around $940. Almost a year old (since the announcement), the 40D offers a lot of camera for under $1000. It certainly makes it harder for the competition to compete from above (eg Nikon D300) or from below (Sony A300/A350).

And now a refurbished bargain from Adorama, the Nikon Coolpix S4, an older twist-and-swivel body, 10x optical zoom camera, without VR (image stabilization) and with a six megapixel sensor. This is refurbished by Nikon itself and goes for $120 with free shipping!

If you want to spend even less, $94 to be precise, you can get the black Samsung S730, which is your typical 7mp, 3x optical zoom point and shoot AA-based digital camera from Sam Sung.

Friday, May 23, 2008

One more day left for this week's digital camera specials at Circuit City

There's still one day left (Saturday) to take advantage of this week's digital camera deals at Circuit City! Of course new specials will come out on Sunday as always.

Affordable Compacts
The Canon SD-1100-IS is emerging as the new P&S of choice among chain store buyers. Available in multiple colors and with the addition of IS, the only thing that is waiting for before becoming a blockbuster is for the price to drop below $200. At the moment it is selling at $230, which is not a bad price if you want this model. You can also get the previous Elphs models (SD1000, SD750) for under $200, but you don't get IS (image stabilization) or multiple colors.

The AA-counterpart is the Powershot A590-IS going for $170, and this offers just about as much as one can reasonable ask from a sub-$200 digital camera. Ideal for peopel who like to experiment and are interested in growing their photography skills.

Kodak fans may be interested in the Easyshare M863, going for $140. This is your typical 8mp, 3x optical zoom, LiIon compact.

Samsung fans have a choice of the cutesy L100 in red or gold for just $130. This is a typical 8mp 1/2.5", 3x optical zoom, LiIon/SD-based entry-level, but with features like face detection as well. For more "bijou" buyers, the Samsung i8 white is on sale for $200. Similar specs but a style that resembles a bit the Sony T-series.

We close the affordables segment with two Nikon Coolpix models, the AA-based Coollpix L18 red, going for $130, and the Coolpix S550 black, going for $200 even. Plus of course any applicable sale tax as always at brick and mortar.

You can check the weekly specials, and also see what's offered in your region through the banner below:

Circuit City Weekly Ad 468x60

Ultracompact digital cameras over $200
Are they electronic jewelery, gadgets or digital cameras? That is a difficult question to answer, because they look so cutesy :)

We start with the Sony Cybershot T70, which has a 3" touch screen LCD, and is available in pink for $250. It is a slightly older model which expains the 8mp 1/2.5" snesor, although that may not necessarily be a bad idea considering the sensor soup out there. For fans of Sony but haters of Memorystick, Sony has a compromise, the Cybershot T2, which has 4gb of on-board memory, so you could just use that, and avoid purchasing any memorysticks. A Sony camera for the MemoryStick haters! The price? $300! You can also get a rechargeable battery pack, the NPFD1, for an extra $50. This is an extra battery, not the one included with your camera!

And two more lovelies before we close this segment, the Casio EX-S10, continuing the S-series ultraslim lineup, with a 10mp sensor and lots of gadgety features. The price for this is $230, and you get all the internet buzzowords with it, from eBay to YouTube and iTunes. Infact, you get a $25 iTunes gift card with the purchase of this digital camera.

Canon has a more "serious" model, the Powershot SD870-IS, which starts at 28mm wide, something fans of wide angle compacts will appreciate. This slightly older camera goes for $270 at the moment, about $15 higher than what you would pay at Amazon right now.

Two DSLRs featured
Just like Best Buy, the two DSLRs featured in this circular are the Nikon D60 with the 18-55 DX kit lens for $700 and the Canon 40D with the EF 28-135 for $1300 or $1800 if combined with the EF 70-300 IS USM lens. We are assuming that these prices have taken into consideration the Canon Instant Rebate. And if so, they are about $170 higher than Amazon, Adorama and B&H Photo. So consider that if you are considering this 40D kit!

More advanced digital cameras
Not sure if more megapixels means more advanced, but the Sony W300 features a new 14mp sensor (okay, 13.x mp) and yet just a 3x optical zoom lens. The price is $350, which is about $50 less than the starting street price, which pretty much guaranteed invisibility for this price. Who really needs 14mp in a glorified point and shoot using a 1/1.7" sensor? :)

One of the most popular superzoom is the Canon S5 IS, going for $330. While the expectation is that this camera will get a replacement or follow-up in the next few months, it is very likely that it will cost $400 or even more. And no one really knows when it will ship. So if you cannot wait, this is as good of a deal as you are going to get. This does have "only" a 12X zoom ratio lens, so if you want a bigger one, you have to either wait for Canon to catchup with this trend (assuming they will do of course), or buy one of the 15X/18X/20X superzooms from the competition.

Memory Card Deals
A reasonable special, for $15, you can get the Sandisk 2gb SD memory card. This is of course the standard SD card, model SDSDB2048A10. Dont' expect to pay that low for the Ultra II or the Extreme cards. And while you can get them for less online, $15 for a 2 gigabyte Sandisk card is a pretty reasonable price to pay if you are going to go through the big box retailer route :)

Which brings us to the 4gb Sandisk UItra II Plus (SDSDPH004GA11) which goes for $60. Ultra means more in terms of both price and speed :) The 2gb Ultra II (no plus, SDSDH002GA11) goes for $20, which is not that bad if you want an Ultra II at retail :)

The best bargain perhaps might be the 4gb Sandisk Ultra II (SDSDRH004GA1) going for $30. If instead you just want the standard 4gb SDHC card (SDSDB4096A11), you just pay $25.

Digital camera deals at Best Buy (expire late night Saturday)

Best Buy's weekly digital camera specials, included in their Sunday paper circular are alive and well, and they expire at the close of business on Saturday, where a new wave of specials goes up, and gets promoted online and of course in the Sunday papers across the country.

So with still 24 hours left in this week's circular, what goodies do we have that might be of interest to camera buyers out there? Well, we'll break them down in categories, to make it easier to read through!

Digital cameras under $200
The front page of the ad features the Nikon S550, in the stylish black finish, going for $200, which is not a bad price, considering this has a 5x optical zoom, 2.5" LCD, and the 10mp 1/2.33" sensor that everyone and their grandmother's camera are using in 2008 :)

At the reasonable price of $180 we find the the Sony Cybershot W120, quite possibly Sony's next blockbuster camera, and the Kodak Easyshare M1033. Sony insists on using a 7mp 1/2.5" sensor, which is ironic because Sony makes sensors, while the Kodak uses the common now 10mp 1/2.33" sensor. Both has 3x optical zoom lenses. For an extra $30, you can add to the Kodak M1033 a Lowepro black leather case (Napoli 10) and extra Kodak LiIon battery. Good for beginnners perhaps.

Another stylish camera is the Casio EX-Z77 white, an exclusive color for Best Buy it seems. This is yoru typical 7mp, 3x optical zoom, LiIon-based, SD/SDHC point and shooter.

And if you want to spend even less, at $120, you can get the Nikon Coolpix L18 in navy blue. This is a AA-based entry-level digital camera. And for starters, they are offering the Sunpak Flexpod and the Ridge 10 camera bag for an extra $20, making the bundle go for $150.

Cameras over $200
Moving on up, at $220, you can get the cool blue Panasonic FS5, a 10mp 1/2.33" camera that doesn't start as wide as 28mm, but it is wider than most cameras in this price range. With 2.5" LCD and such.

Sony's answer in this segment is the Cybershot W170, with a 5x optical zoom, and wide-angle and a 2.7" LCD, and optical image stabilization for $280. The red version looks very nice too. If only it took SD/SDHC in addition to MemoryStick Pro Duo.

Kodak has the EasyshareV1273 at $255. This camera uses a 12mp 1/1.7" sensor, and has a 3" touch screen LCD, which is what differentiates it (I guess) from the other 12mp general purpose P&S models. The lens is a pedestrian 3x optical zoom, but has some form of stabilization.

A duo of super zooms
Two of the many available superzooms in the digital camera market are featured, the Sony H10, Sony's fun zoom who got creamed in its dpreview review, going for $280, and the Nikon P80, Nikon's new 18x hyperzoom, going for $370, already getting its first retail discount from the $400 street price. Waiting for reviews on this one.

DSLRs at Best Buy
Two DSLRs are featured and as you can expect, one from Canon and one from Nikon. The Nikon is the D60 with the 18-55 DX VR kit lens, going for $700, or $850 if you choose to add the 55-200 DX VR lens. Not bad prices for brick and mortar, but as always you can find them for a bit less at reputable online dealers.

Canon's EOS 40D is advertised at $1300, and that includes the EF 28-135 lens, but that was before the Canon Instant Rebates went into effect. Or did they factor those in? The ad came out on Sunday, which is when the instant rebate went into effect. Needless to say $1300 is too much, as you can get it from Amazon, Adorama or B&H Photo for $1130. $170 is a lot of money, at least to some people :) You can also add the 70-300 IS lens and the bundle goes to $1800.

Memory Card Not-so-Specials
Kingston promotes their 2gb (SSD/2GBKR) memory card for $18, which is not that good of a deal, and Sandisk has their 2gb Memory Stick Pro Duo (SDMSPD-2048-A10) for $25, which is more expensive since it's not SD :)
For more hands-on photographers, the Canon A590-IS may be a great way to get started in photography, and it only goes for $165, which is not bad for brick and mortar.

Memorial Days deals at Fry's Electronics

So what does the Fry's ad for the Memorial Day Weekend have in-store for us? This is from what was published in the newspaper circular ad by Fry's themselves!

Fans of the Olympus FE-340 will be thrilled to find out they can get it for $177, and they have the option to get a free after mail-in rebate Epson printer as well. They also have a choice of color, pink, black, blue, red or silver. Oh so many choices, maybe get one of each? :) This has an 8mp sensor, 5x optical zoom, and 2.7" LCD, but sadly only uses xD memory cards.

Also from Olympus, the Stylus 850SW is their waterproof and crashproof and dustproof (within limits and specs of course) model, and it goes for $267 and available in multiple colors as well.

If you are a fan of the Canon Powershots, then the Elph SD 1100-IS is offered at$217, also available in a choice of colors, among the available ones of course!

If you are a fan of the Gold Lantern brand (the what?), you can get a 10mp 3x optical zoom camera for $100 after a $60 mail-in rebate. We know nothing about this camera, although it looks like the other entry-level cameras from some of the major manufacturers.

Panasonic on the other hand has some ideas for bargains, the new Lumix FS3 is going for $180, and this is an 8mp 1/2.5" camera, with a 3x optical zoom, 2.5" LCD and MegaOIS.

DSLR World
A big wave of Olympus DSLRs is on sale at Fry's this Memorial day weekend, starting with the Olympus E410, available as body only for $397, with the 14-42 kit lens for $497. This is also the price of the Olympus E510 body only. If you prefer the kit with the 14-42 lens, then you pay $597.

Fry's apparently did not get the memo about the Canon Instant Rebates that went into effect on May 18, 2008, because they advertise the EOS 40D body only for $1100 and the 40D kit (with EF 28-135 we presume) for $1300. Hello Fry's, Canon Instant Rebates are on line #3 :)

A 12" digital photo frame from Gold Lantern can be yours for $188. This lovely features 800x600 resolution, mpeg, mpeg2 amd mpeg4 playback, along with mp3 and jpeg of course, and it comes iwth a remote control.

You can never feed your cameras enough memory, so if you have CF-cameras, consider a 4gb Kingston for $25. SD fans may be interested in a 4gb micro-SDHC kit from Kingston for $20 after a $5 mail-in rebate. The kit includes adapters so you can use the mini-sDHC card in a mini-SD card slot and also a regular SD card slot. So many SDs, so little time!

Patriot is offering a two-pack of 2gb 133x SD cards for the price of $23, which comes out to $23/4gb = $5.50 per gigabyte, which is a reasonable price.

If you are a Sony homer, the 4gb Lexar Memory Stick Pro duo can be yours for just $15 after a $17 mail-in rebate. That is a price shocker since Memorysticks usually cost twice as much. But to get this price, you do have to submit and babysit the rebate, and supplies are limited, so other bargain hunters may have already snatched up all the supplies!

For more on all these, be sure to check the Fry's website.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Digital Camera Gift Ideas at Radio Shack

Radio Shack has a number of digital camera gift idea specials that are valid until May 17, 2008, no doubt to coincide with Mother's Day as well, since we see a lot of pink specials.

A very nice set for $150 is the Casio EX-Z9, bundled with 1gb Sandisk SD memory card and a mini table-top tripod, along with a camera case with pink stitching, and lanyard. If you are not familiar with the Casio EX-Z9, be sure to check its specifications at Photography Review. This camera was introduced in March 2008, so it is a new budget-priced model that continues on the Casio EX-Z series. You can also find out more from the source, at Casio.com.


If the pink Samsung S860 at $100 is not tempting enough, then how about a bonus free digital photo chain included as a bonus? The S860 is a AA-based, 8 megapixel, 3x optical zoom, 2.4" LCD point and shoot entry-level digicam.

If instead you want to step up to the $200 price tier, then you can get the pink Sony Cybershot W120, which includes a free bonus 1gb memory card of the Memorystick Pro Duo variety. This has face detection and smile detection too, along with a 3x optical zoom, 2.5" LCD, and an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor.

If you want to give the GE cameras a try, the GE E840 is available at $180, along with a free 1gb Sandisk SD memory card. This GE digicam has a 2.7" LCD, 4x optical zoom lens, and an 8mp sensor.

$18 can get you a 2gb Sandisk SD memory cards, and $15 can get you a Digital Concepts digital photo keychain with a 1.5" LCD and capacity of up to 100 images.

Not quite cameras, but you can get a free iHome speaker system with your purchase of an iPod at Radio Shack. Other items of possible interest, a wireless keyboard and mouse combo from Labtec for $15, and a 4gb Sandisk USB flash drive for $30.

If you are interested in digital photo frames, there is a 7" SmartParts frame for $60, and a 9" Optimus, a Radio Shack house brand name, for $100 even. Be sure to research them all if you are not familiar with them.

Camera deals at Circuit City this week (5/11 to 5/17)

This week's Circuit City circular, just like the one from Best Buy is loaded with digital cameras. Coincidence that they both feature digital cameras at the start of the circular? Or circular ad espionage? :)

Under $200 digital cameras
In this tempting price range, we find the likes of the Kodak M753, black finish, at a mere $100, making it an instant $100 camera deal!. Do note that this is a Li-Ion based, not a AA-based camera. Kodak moved away from AAs, probably hoping to make profit off the extra LiIon sales?

A new camera for $120 and that includes a free 1gb Sandisk SD memory card? You better believe it! It is the Fujifilm Finepix J10, Fuji's new line of affordable LiIon based digital cameras. You get 8mp with a 3x optical zoom lens, and the usual stuff in this price range.

If you are a fan of big LCD screens (3" LCD), and don't object to a slightly older model without an optical viewfinder, then you can get the Canon Powershot SD 750 for $180.

If you are a Sony fans, then the Cybershot S780 is on sale for $180 and the price includes a 1gb Memorystick, the Sony MSMT1G. This is an 8mp 3x optical zoom camera with face detection of course.

If you want to step up to the W-series, the Sony W150 is available in red or black for $250. If only these cameras also took SD/MMC, they would really sell like hot cakes. Sony, are you listening? This is an 8mp 1/2.5" camera with a 5x optical zoom lens, along with smile shutter. And you get a free 2gb Memorystick with it (Sony MSMT2G).

If you are into sleek and stylish cameras, the Samsung NV15 is only $180 and that price includes a 2gb Sandisk memory card of the SD variety. This camera uses the intriguing Samsung Smart Touch user interface, and features a typical 10mp/3x optical zoom combination. Face detection and the like included.

Circuit City Weekly Ad 468x60

Digital cameras over $200
Sony makes a splash and gets prominently featured with their new Cybershot H50 15X superzoom camera, going for the list price of $400. Too early to expect a discount? :) But you also receive a 2gb free memory card!

If you regularly abuse your cameras, and yo uare not allergic to the xD memory card, then for $370 you can get the Olympus Stylus 1030SW. And a free 1gb Sandisk xD memory card (SDSDB1024A10). This lovely is shockproof, waterproof, crushproof, and freezeproof, but within limits. Do read the manual to find out what the actual limits are!

If you like Kodak cameras and 3" LCD displays, then you can get both for $230, in the Kodak V1073 which uses the new 2008 10mp 1/2.33" sensor which is all the new rage as it allows double-digit megapixels.

DSLR City Deals
There are two DSLR City Deals this week, first up, the Sony Alpha A300, the one with the tilting LCD screen, goes for $700 and that includes the 18-70 DT lens. But for just an extra $100 you can add the Sony 75-300 (SAL75300) lens as well. Not a bad deal for someone who is getting started!

The second DSLR City Deal is the Canon Digital Rebel XTi, aka 400D, with the 18-55 EF-S lens, going for $650. But you can super-zoom your kit by adding the Canon EF-S 55-250 IS lens for an extra $280, putting the total bundle at $930.

Digital SLR Super Bundle
Purchase any DSLR at Circuit City, says their circular ad, and get for free after $100 in mail-in rebates - the following items:

  • Epson R280 printer
  • Snapfish.com leather photo album
  • Digital SLR Cameras and Photography Book (Dummies series)
  • Firedog training crapola

    This makes sense as a deal if you have any use for any of the above items. Printers are a dime a dozen since the inks/cartridges are where the profits are made.

    Memories! You can store them on a 4gb SDHC Sandisk (SDSB4096A11) memory card for just $28. Not a bad deal at all, considering it comes out to 70c per gigabyte.

    Comparatively, a 4gb Memory Stick Pro Duo from Sony itself (MSMT-4G) can be yours for $50, putting it at $1.25 per gigabyte, almost close to 2X the price of SDHC. Ouchie! It's a good thing memory prices have dropped in the last few years. Imaging buying a 4gb or 8gb card using the prices of three years ago :)

    A few memory cards are also advertised in the circular, including Sandisk and Olylmpus (xD cards).

    Also the 8" SmartParts digital picture frames are offered for $150. This is advertised as a genuine wood high definition digital frame. We are sure thought that the picture is not printed on wood :)

    You can also get an HP-branded 7" high-def digital picture frame for $100. Oh these marketeers they love to slap the "high-def" tag on everything these days to make it sound more appealing!

    Did we mention this is a high-def blog? :)

    A variety of compact digital camera cases of different colors and shapes, but of compact size are on sale for $10. Be sure to check the circular or the local store for more details.

  • Sunday, May 11, 2008

    Lots of digital cameras at Best Buy this week (5/11 to 5/17)

    This week's Best Buy circular ad is loaded with digital cameras. The summary of this week's ad is: value-packed bundles.

    Not only that, but the digital cameras are featured right on the front of the ad, starting with the Fuji Z20fd on the front page, offered for $160. But even better is a bundle that includes the Z20fd, slim black case (Lowepro NAPOLI 5), and an extra LiIon battery (BP-OL40), all together for $180. Not bad for a small general purpose camera that takes SD/SDHC memory cards. And xD too if you have those as well.

    Digicams under $250
    In this price category, we have the Sony Cybershot S750 at $135, which is a great price. This is your typical P&S seven megapixel 3x optical zoom camera. But don't be fooled by the low price if you don't have Memory Stick Duo cards. They are 1.5X to 2X more expensive than SD/SDHC cards!

    At $160, you can get the Kodak Easyshare M893 IS, a sleeker LiIon-based Kodak model. Or if you want to get more, for an extra $30, you get a Lowepro black case (NAPOLI 10) and a Kodak LiIon battery (KLIC-7001). Not bad of a bundle either.

    Similarly, you can get the Olympus FE-340 for $180, or for an extra $20, you can get a nice stylish lady-like case, in your choice of red, brown or black.

    Simiiarly the Canon SD 1100 IS can be had for $250 alone, or $280 bundled with a leather case and an extra NB-4L battery. Not bad here either!

    Meanwhile the Fuji Z100fd, which came to the USA market late, is now down to $200, and it has a 5x optical zoom lens, and an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor. This is a standard sensor, not a SuperCCD sensor by the way.

    Digicams over $250
    Well well, you pay more, you usually get more, which is the case with the lovely Sony T70 at $260, which features a 3" touch screen and smile shutter too. This camera is skinnier than Ally McBeal!

    A camera for fans of compact but wide angle is the Canon SD-870-IS, sold for $280. Also starting at 28mm wide, and with a 10X MegaOIS super zoom lens is the Panasonic TZ5S, going for a reasonable brick and mortar price of $320.

    A bigger superzoom, with a 15X zoom ratio lens, is the Sony Cybershot H50, for $400 even. It also offers Super Steady Shot image stabilization and 9 megapixels. Oh yes, and a 3" tilting LCD!

    If you are a fan of Olympus, then you may be interested in the Stylus 1010, in black finish, for $280. This has a 10mp 1/2.33" sensor and a 7x optical zoom lens. More colors available at BestBuy.com.

    DSLR Special
    The featured DSLR in this week's ad is the Nikon D40 kit, which of course includes the 18-55 DX lens. Note that this is the original DX kit lens, so it does not have VR, which the new kit lens bundled with the Nikon D60 does have. You can get this kit for $500, or you can add the 55-200 Nikkor lens for an extra $100.

    And if you can't stop thinking about the Tamron 18-250mm superzoom lens, Best Buy is offering a $100 free gift card to make you buy it at the $500 price. The model number is AF0118HII-700 if you want to look it up.

    Memory Cards and Accessories
    A variety of memory cards from PNY mainly are advertised, including a 4gb SDHC at $28, an 8gb SDHC at $45. Meanwhile a 2gb xD card goes for $30, and a 2gb Sony Memorystick for $30 as well. How sad!

    Last but not least, the Dynex 53" tripod, DX-NW080, is on sale for $25. This is advertised for camcorders but I'm sure you can find other uses for it!

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