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Monday, May 26, 2008

Best Buy week-long Memorial Day sales!

Best Buy also had a two-day Memorial Day sale, just like Circuit City, but Best Buy's sale did not include any digital cameras.

But their regular week-long circular ad sure does feature digital cameras, including three different and very popular DSLR kits.

Digital Cameras under $200
This is a great price point as you can get a lot of a camera for such a low price. Obviously you can't expect it to behave or perform like a $1000 DSLR though! We'll go through them in price order, cheaper ones go first!

And that's where we find the Kodak C813, at one hundred dollars, making a $100 camera deal! This has an 8mp sensor, and a 3x optical zoom lens, and a 2.4" LCD. Kodak was allegedly exiting the entry-level market. Yeah, sure!

At $130, after a recent price drop, we find the Fuji J10. The J-series is a new Fujifilm series that features entry-level cameras using LiIon batteries. Unlike their A-series line-up, these do attempt to look stylish and compact. They take both SD and xD memory cards, so they are tempting for both general buyers and also current owners of Olympus and Fuji gear.

At $135, we find the Sony Cybershot S730, Sony's new entry-level point and shoot, with a 7mp sensor, and 3x optical zoom. Not a bad price if you must have a Sony in your hands and pay as little as possible.

Next up, at $60, we find the Kodak M893, with 8 megapixels and a typical 3x optical zoom lens. Kodak's new M-series moved away from AA-based cameras and towards LiIon-based as their bread and butter series.

Same price as Circuit City, the Canon SD750 is a nice deal at $180, if you like a 3" LCD and don't mind not having an optical viewfinder, and you are not insecure about using an "older" camera.

Fashionably loud is what the red Casio EX-S10 is. The camera that continues on the legacy started by the tiny slim EX-Sxx series, offers 10mp, a 3x optical zoom lens, anda $25 iTunes gift card for $250. Style over substance? Quite possibly!

Nikon wants their Coolpix line-up to be taken more seriously among buyers, seriously in terms of sales that is. And that's where the $250 Coolpix S600 comes in, offering 12 megapixels with its 1/1.7" sensor. It has a 2.7" LCD and starts at 28mm wide which is nice for fans of wide-angle digital compacts, since up until recently, there were very few affordable cameras in that segment.

Next up, Olympus has the Stylus 1010 at $280, a 10mp 1/2.3" camera with a 7x optical zoom lens and a2.7" LCD. Alas, it only takes xD memory cards.

Last but not least, the Kodak Easyshare Z1012IS is one of Kodak's newer superzooms, and has a very descriptive name, as the name reveals the number of megapixels (10), the zoom ratio (12), the availability of image stabilization (IS) and the fact that it is a zoom camera (Z). Perfect name, but how does the camera do? You can get this bundled with an extra Kodak LiIon battery and charger kit for $300. The charger kit is Kodak model K8500-C.

For more details, visit the Best Buy website.

DSLRs at Best Buy
Three popular DSLRs kits are offered at Best Buy, unlike Circuit City who decided to go "alternative" by featuring three Sony and Olympus DSLRs and *gasp* only one Canon-Nikon.

The three kits here at the Nikon D40 with the 18-55 DX lens for $480, or $570 if you prefer to get the two-lens kit. The second lens being the Nikkor 55-200.

Canon fans might be interested in the Canon Digital Rebel XTi 400D, for $650 with the 18-55 EF-S lens, or $780 with the addition of fries and the EF 75-300 lens. Okay, fries was a joke :)

And the Nikon D80 is spotlighted with the 18-135 DX lens, going together for $1000 even. Plus sales tax of course if applicable where you are. You can boost this bundle with the 70-300 VR lens, but then this versatile kit will cost you $1530.

And speaking of DSLRs, all Lowepro DSLR backups are on sale at Circuit City, but do note that the markdowns are taken from their regular prices, a traditional retail policy to "highlight" the discount percentages.

Among those, they promote the Lowepro DSLR kit specifically made for the Digital Rebel XTi, and it includes a bag, filter and extra battery which is obviously compatible with the XTi. This set goes for $60. Camera and lenses (obviously) not included :)

Digital Camera Accessories
Apart from the Lowepro bags we discussed above in the DSLR section, there's plenty of memory cards on sale, with a Sandisk 4gb SDHC going for $25, model SDSDB-4096-A11/BB), and a 2gb Ultra II going for $20, model SDSDH-002G0A11.

Also Compact Flash fans can get the Sandisk Extreem SDCFX3-004G-A31 for $50, and as the model name suggests, this is an Extreme III high speed card.

Sony fans don't feel left out, the Sony-branded Memory Stick Pro Duo Mark II goes for $50. This is model MSMT4G.

Also, digital photo frames are getting a store-wide 10% off discount. Or just use your existing TV or HDTV or computer monitor with video input as a poor man's digital photo frame :)

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