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Monday, May 26, 2008

Circuit City Memorial Day Week-long sale

We already discussed the 2-day Memorial Day weekend sale at Circuit City that ends tonight. In addition, Circuit City has their usual week-long sale, as seen online or in the Sunday paper circular ads.

Digital Cameras
A very nice price for the Canon SD750, an older Elph model, with a 3" LCD but no optical viewfinder. The price is $180 and it is only $10 more than Amazon! When factoring in shipping time vs sales tax, you could convince yourself to get it at brick and mortar, if you must have it yesterday :)

Special color versions of digital cameras are one of the main themes at Circuit this week, starting with the exclusive plum version of the Samsung L100 going for $150. This is a 10mp, 3x optical zoom, 2.5" LCD, LiIon-based, SD/MMC point and shoot compact.

You can also get a green version of the Panasonic FS3 for $180. This is more of a blue-green, but what do I know? If on the other hand pink is what you love, the Casio Ex-Z80 is on sale for $170, and it also includes a bonus $15 iTunes gift card. Leave it to Casio to get all the internet buzzwords inside their camera, including YouTube, iTunes and eBay! It looks like they, not Pentax, are the official camera of the internet after all :)

The Olympus Stylus SW is presented as the "ultimate road trip companion" and there is some truth to that given the waterproof and crashproof and dustproofness of the SW series of Olympus. They offer the 1030SW at $370, and the 850SW at $280. Both are about $20 to $30 above Amazon, but if you are on your way to your next roadtrip... :)

Sony finally embraces wide-angle in their compacts, and you can jump on that without spending too much, the Cybershot W170 can be yours for just $210. Not a bad price for this camera which also features a 5X Carl Zeiss lens, and the popular in 2008 10mp 1/2.3" sensor.

For more fun, the Panasonic TZ5 is offered at $320, but that is a bad price, considering you can get this at Amazon right now for $270, in either black or silver finish.

We finish this segment with the really entry level Canon A470 going for $120, and the Canon SD870 IS, a wide-angle darling, going for $280. This also have a bonus, you can get a free Canon CP740 printer, aftera $100 combined purchase rebate.

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DSLR Specials at Circuit City
The Canon Digital Rebel XTi 400D, along with its 18-55 EF-S lens are offered for $630, another great price considering that the online prices have been going crazy lately.

And then, in a rather surprising move, Circuit City features two Sony and one Olympus DSLR, and nothing else from Canon and Nikon. Oh my! The Olympus is the E510 with the 14-42 kit lens going for $600 or $700 in a two-lens kit. This price not so good, you can get it at Amazon for $620.

The two Sony Alpha DSLRs are the CES 2008 newcomer, the Alpha A200 with kit lens for $570, and the Alpha A350 going for $825 with the 18-70 DT lens, or $925 in the two-lens kit. The other lens being the DT 55-200 f4-5.6.

And one more thing, there is a free DSLR bundle with every DSLR purchase this week. You receive the following bonus items after a $100 mail-in rebate:

  1. a book, the "DSLR for Dummies" book
  2. an Epson R280 printer free
  3. Snapfish leather photo album
  4. remote FireDog training

Camera Accessories
You can have a 2gb Sandisk memory card, model SDSDB248A10, for $15, which is a great price for a brick and mortar store and 2gb card! This comes out to $7.50 per gigabyte.

More memory? The 4gb Sandisk SDHC goes for $25, which is also a nice price. This is model SDSDB4096A11, and no rebates are needed. No limites either. If you prefer this capacity in an Ultra II flavor for improved performance, then you pony up an extra $5, for a total of $30. This is model SDSDRH004GA1.

Also avaialble are MemorySticks and Compact Flashes on sale from Sandisk, in 2gb and 4gb capacities and with prices about 1.5X to 2X of the SD prices.

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