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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hot Memorial Day weekend deals at Amazon right now

With the Memorial Day weekend underway, let's see what cameras are generating some sales buzz at Amazon at the moment!

Oh isn't she lovely? And no need for Memory Stick Pro duo! The Sony T2, a T-series Cybershot model, has four gigabytes of on-board memory included, so you don't have to use a MemoryStick unless of course you want to! The price is $300 exactly with free shipping too.

And good news for fans of the Sigma DP1, it has finally gotten a discount at Amazon, it is currently selling for $761 with free shipping too. This camera has received a number of reviews recently including dpreview.

If you want a new, fun, affordable and exciting portable superzoom camera to take everywhere with you, then you may be interested in the new Panasonic TZ4, which is the less famous of the TZ5/TZ4 Lumix duet. It currently goes for just $237 with free shipping, sold and shipped by Amazon.com itself! Over there, they also have a special offer when you buy that along with a 4gb Sandisk SDHC Extreme III memory card with a MicroMate USB 2.0 reader, which is retail package SDSDRX3-4096-A21.

Get your wide-angle pocket camera for just $250! That is the Canon SD-870IS, starting at 28mm wide, and offering the usual amenities of the Canon Elph Ixus Ixy line-up.

But let's not ignore the elephants in teh room, the Canon Instant Rebates, which have put the Canon 40D with the EF 28-135 f3.5-5.6 IS USM lens at $1130, and the 40D body only at around $940. Almost a year old (since the announcement), the 40D offers a lot of camera for under $1000. It certainly makes it harder for the competition to compete from above (eg Nikon D300) or from below (Sony A300/A350).

And now a refurbished bargain from Adorama, the Nikon Coolpix S4, an older twist-and-swivel body, 10x optical zoom camera, without VR (image stabilization) and with a six megapixel sensor. This is refurbished by Nikon itself and goes for $120 with free shipping!

If you want to spend even less, $94 to be precise, you can get the black Samsung S730, which is your typical 7mp, 3x optical zoom point and shoot AA-based digital camera from Sam Sung.

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