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Sunday, May 25, 2008

More Memorial Day Weekend sale cameras at Fry's

We already mentioned Friday's Fry's flyers, now we have more digital cameras advertised in the Sunday paper by Fry's themselves!

No DSLRs listed, but they do have the Canon S5 IS going for $320, which is not a bad price, considering you can get it at Amazon for around $310. Of course you do have to factor in sales tax vs waiting for the shippment to arrive, but that choice is yours!

On the affordable front, they have the Sony S730 going for just $127, plus of course the extra cost of Memory Stick Pro Duo (over SD/MMC memory cards). This is limit one per customer. I guess Sony's new approach to the market is sell lower priced cameras and make it up via memorysticks and accessories and such.

A stylish Stylus can be yours for $200 if you are not afraid of the xD memory card or if you already have a few of those cards in your possession. The model in question is the Olympus Stylus 840, which has a 5x optical zoom lens, 8mp 1/2.5" sensor, 2.7" LCD, and it is avaialble in your choice of four colors. You do have to pick from pre-existing colors, you can't just pull out your crayons and color it like that. Not that anyone will stop you after you buy it :)

Canon fans may be interested in the SD 870 IS, a wide-angle Elph, something that made this camera, and its predecessor, the SD 800 IS popular, especially among enthusiast and professional photographers looking for a pocketable carryaround camera. The price is $270 and limit one per customer, and it is about $15 to $20 higher than Amazon. Plus the usual shipment weight vs sales tax trade-off.

Accessories for your digital cameras
Memories! No, not the Broadway song, the memory cards! You can get an 8gb SDHC Patriot card for just $30, limit one per customer. This brings the price to a very reasonable $3.75 per gigabyte!

Or if you don't wnat to put all your baskets in one egg (!), you can get a four-pack fo 2gb Patriot SD memory cards, for a total price of $30 after a $5 mail-in rebate. So it's the same price as above, after the MIR, but you have four cards instead of one! Risk management!

And before we go, there's an 8.4" Lasonic JL-305 digital picture frame on sale for $127, and it accepts SD, Memory Stick and Compact Flash according to the ad.

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