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Sunday, May 25, 2008

OfficeMax digital camera specials for Memorial Day week

Please note that your mileage may vary as these may be regional or localized OfficeMax specials, or vary from store to store depending on investory, size, location, and such! So be sure to check before you go!

The lovely looking Casio EX-Z77 is on sale at this moment for $130. This is not a bad price considering you are getting a sleek looking point and shoot camera, with some bells and whistles too.

For $100 exactly, you can get one of the entry-level Kodak M-series models, which has your typical 3x optical zoom, LiIon, SD memory card and such. Also from Kodak, an affordable superzoom with IS, and this one may not be a bad idea, the Easyshare Z712-IS is now $170. It has a 12X optical zoom lens with image stabilization, and a 2.5" LCD, along with a 7mp 1/2.5" sensor.

Depending on location, you may also find the Sony W55 on clearance for $150. It's heir to the blockbuster throne appears to be the W120, so if you are not decidedly one way or the other, you may want to compare the two before jumping in. The W120 is definitely more stylish!

For more Office Max specials, and store locations, and such, be sure to visit the Office Max website.

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