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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

4th of July digital camera sales at Radio Shack

We start our 4th of July special, with a special deal from Radio Shack, they are offering you to Save 10% On Select Cameras & Camcorders at RadioShack. The discount is valid from July 1st to 13, 2008! So bookmark this page and come back on July 1st!

Good until July 12, 2008 are the circular specials at Radio Shack and certainly valid for 4th of July shoppers! We have a front-page camera special, the Samsung L210 red is an exclusive Radio Shack color according to the Radio Shack ad. This looks lovely and it looks "hot". It costs $130 after instant savings and offers a 10mp 1/2.3" sensor, 3x optical zoom, a 2.5" LCD, LiIon battery, and SD/MMC memory card support. It also has face detection.

All four digital cameras mentioned here get a free 1gb memory card as well, so that's extra incentive. The four cameras are:

  1. Casio EX-Z9 for $150. Features an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor with a 3x optical zoom lens, 2.6" wide LCD, and "trendy" features such as YouTube, face detection, etc
  2. GE E840: At $150, this camera looks a bit similar to the Casio in some ways, and features a 4x optical zoom lens instead, and a 2.7" screen
  3. Olympus FE-310 is the only new AA-based model in the FE-series line-up from Olympus and features an 8mp sensor and a 5x optical zoom lens. The price is nice at $130 but the downsize is that it uses xD cards
  4. Canon SD1100-IS goes for $250 which is not a good price. You can get it at Amazon close to $200.


On the accessories front, Radio Shack has a 25-in-one Targus memory card reader for $13, which puts it at 50c per memory card format supported. But then again, how many people have 25 different memory card formats? :)

They also have two starter kits for $13, one for smaller cameras and another for standard size cameras. These include a mini tripod, a camera bag, a cleaning kit and other trinkets and such.

Smarty pants? No, it's called SmartParts, and it offers an 8" digital photo frame for $100 even. It accepts most memory cards and includes a remote control.

There are a couple of memory card specials, a 4gb Sandisk SDHC memory card goes for $25, which is the standard sales price at the major brick and mortar stores these days. You can also get a 2gb Sandisk SD card for $18. Be sure to check with your camera to see if it is compatible with SDHC memory cards. This of course applies to older cameras that came out before SDHC cards were generally available. Also do note that some manufacturers are offering firmware updates that can make their older digital cameras compatible with the new SDHC cards, so be sure to check the manufacturer's website or ask in your favorite digital camera forums.

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