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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Camera advertisements in the Sunday paper

We often look at the digital camera ads from the big electronics companies in the Sunday paper, but what about the unusual suspects? Is there anything of interest there? Well, let us zoom through them. No pun intended :)

Target has exactly one digital camera in their circular, it is the Kodak M763 going for $130, BUT, this also includes a $20 pre-paid Target Photo card which you can use when you make prints at Target Photo or you can sell on eBay or trade with friends or give it as a gift to someone else :)

Also at Target, an ugly price on a 1gb Kodak SD card - $13. Ouch! What part of 2006 did they dig that from? :) And if you like the TruTech brand, then you can get the 7" digital picture frame for $69. It comes with black or white faceplaces and a remote. You can find it at the Target Electronics department. And if you want alkaline AA or AAA batteries, a 16-pack of Duracell coppertops is on sale for $9 (see back cover of the circular).

There is almost nothing from Staples this week, but Rite Aid, the drugstore chain, is offering a Fujifilm QuickSnap 1TU camera for FREE. It is FREE after you submit their online rebate. The rebate works by entering data from your cash register receipt onto their website. Just like the Staples EasyRebates. The actual price is $11 plus tax. The tax is not refundable. This one time use film camera has 27 exposure and ISO 400.

Walgreens has a digital camera featured, the Polaroid i737 for $90 after a $30 mail-in rebate. This is a generic 7mp digital camera with a 3x optical zoom lens and *gasp* 16MB built-in storage. Also on sale 2gb Sandisk Compactflash Ultra II for $20, or a standard 2gb SD card at the same price. And they have the same deal on a 16pk of Durcell AA or AAA alkaline disposable batteries. We of course reocmmend rechargeables whenever possible. It's better for your pocket and better for the environment too!

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