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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Camera Deals at Office Depot with Father's Day Gadget specials

Office Depot, just like all the other major big chains, are focusing on high tech gear to go with the upcoming Father's Day this Sunday June 15, 2008. So call in and reserve brunch, and then shop shop shop shop :)

Lots of specials, and a free Epson R280 photo printer after a $100 mail-in rebate with purchase of a digital camera. Be sure to check the circular, the store or the website for all the details of this promotion. And if you don't need the printer or have a way of donating or selling it, spare yourself the troubles :)

Office Depot has once again a 20% off digital cameras sale, generating some nice specials. Take the Canon SD750 or the Sony W120 at $160 after a 20% off discount their usual price of $200. Not a bad price for brick and mortar for sure.

Meanwhie the Sony S730 is down to $130, while the Kodak C713 is $90, and yes it has a 3x optical zoom lens! You can also buy the C713 in a special bundle for $120 after a mail-in rebate, and this includes a camera case, memory card and such. Also from Kodak the 12-megapixel Easyshare Z1285 can be yours for $160, a price of $13 per megapixel, what a great per pound price :)

The Nikon Coolpix S210 is also discounted, 20% off $180, makes it a $144 digital camera, not a bad price, considering it is lower than Amazon itself.

Canon's competitor, the new lovely Powershot SD-1100-IS is going for $200 after the 20% off discount, a price that once again beats Amazon.com! Viva brick and mortar! And the star of the A-series in terms of mass-market popularity, the A590-IS can be yours for $180 - $36 = $144. Buy early and often! Great price!

Also note that 20% off makes the Sony Cybershot H10 sell for $240, but the discount doesn't fix any of the issues pointed out by reviewers! Ouch!!

And the biggest camera of the ad is the Canon Digital Rebel XTi going for $650. You may have heard though that there is a new model in the Digital Rebel line-up, just announced by Canon, the Canon Digital Rebel XS, also known as the 1000D. And it intends to compete with the XTi (aka 400D). But the XTi is available for purchase right now, while the XS is coming later in the summer/fall 2008, and will surely be ready for the 2008 Christams Shopping Season! Christmas in June?

Search for it at Office Depot
For more details, be sure to search for the ones that are of interest to you:

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Memory Card Specials?
The home-store brand, Ativa has a series of SD memory card specials, starting at 1gb for $8, and then going to 2gb for $15. Sandisk picks up with a 4gb SDHC standard card for the now typical brick and mortar sale price of $25. The microSDHC version though costs an extra $5. There's some more memory card sales, be sure to check the circular, website or local store for all the details.

High Tech Gadget Temptations
The Philigs 4gb SA3345 video mp3 player can be yours for just $80 but after a $40 mail-in rebate. No bad considering the brand and gigabytes. The battery claims a life of up to 20 hours for music.

If you are really thrifty, you can get the 2gb Sandisk Sansa C250 mp3 player for just $30, but after a $50 mail-in rebate. This has a tiny screen, but still not a bad price considering it is the Sansa brand not a nameless generic.

And more, on the front page of the circular ad they have a 1gb Memorex MMP8565 mp3 player for just $10 but after a $30 mail-in rebate. The Memorex brand has less than stellar reputation in some product areas, so be sure to research it or at least adjust your expectations. But $10 after MIR is not a bad price if you are a rebate veteran.

As with all rebates, if you are going to jump in, be sure to follow all the steps, pay attention to the submission deadlines, make copies of EVERYTHING you submit, keep track of the submission, and last but not least, deposit or cash-in the check :)

There's a lot more, for example a nicely speced red Gateway laptop going for $500, but of course after a couple of MIRs. And MIR is not peace, it's mail-in rebate :)

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