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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Camera specials at drugstores this week

They may be the opposite of Calumet and B&H Photo but it doesn't mean that every single camera purchase is a professional dSLR! You can potentially find some good local deals here. Maybe... So let's take a look!

The GE (General Imaging) digital cameras are starting to invade the drugstores and they are an ideal match since they are priced right at the entry-level where a lot of drugstore camera buyers may be.

The GE A735, a 7-megapixel camera with a 3x optical zoom lens, 2.5" LCD and smile and blink detection is only $80, and that's without any rebates. Almost disposable price you asy? Well, only when you compare it with a $1000+ DSLR price :) Eighty dollars is a lot of money to a lot of people out there!

Memory cards at reasonable prices at drugstores? Wow, we don't usually see that, but you can get a 1gb Sandisk SD card or microSD card for just $10, no rebates or coupons! Not bad. Obviously you can do a lot better online, but they can't give away 1gb cards for free. The storage bang for the buck obviously lies with the 4gb cards ($25 at brick and mortar, less online) and the 8gb cards.

Walgreens also has a coupon in their flyer for $4 off any photo service purchase worth $10 or more. You do have to give them an email address with the coupon, but of course you don't have to give them your primary email address.

Two pasaport photos for just $8 and a free Passport travel kit with copuon! Not bad if you are planning to travel?

Digital print prices at Walgreens are a bit confusing. We'll try to de-confuse them here:

  • Order online and deliver to your home, any quantity: 12 cents per print
  • Order online, pick up at the store: 15c for 100+ prints, 19c for less than 100 prints
  • Order in-store, pick up in-store, ready in one hour or less: 15c for 100+, 19c for 30 to 99, and mystery price for less than 30 :)

Rite Aid
An old-school 5-megapixel Polaroid digital camera with what appears to be a 3x optical zoom lens is on sale for $80 after a $20 single-check rebate. The good thing with RiteAid rebats is that you don't have to mail them in, but rather submit them online, similar to the Staples EasyRebates. Do check their rewards catalog for specific details on each item though to be sure!

Not exactly a good price though on the 1gb Lexar SD card which goes for $13 after a $3 single-check rebate. For crying out loud, you can almost get a 2gb card at retail for that price!

The ad includes a coupon for 15 free additional 4x6 digital prints whenyou purchase at least 50 prints. The price for prints is 19c for 50+, and 29c for less than 50 prints. So you pay more for 49 prints than for 70 prints?

On the film front, you can get one hour single prints for $4 after a $3 single-check rbat. These ar 4" prints, 35mm, and 24 exposurs. Limit one rebate!

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