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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Camera specials at Staples this week

Not a whole lot advertised by Staples this week, but they do have some notebook computer specials. On the camera front, there is a trio of entry-level digital cameras advertised, startign with the Sony S730 going for $130, the Canon A590-IS going for $170, the A580 going for $140, and the Olympus FE340, in silver going for $190. Nothing dramatic or to write home about, unless of course you have a Staples gift card or a big Staples rewards check to spend there!

But there are some news for the free-printer junkies out there, you can get the Epson R280 photo printer for free after a $100 Easy Rebaet with purchase of a digital camera at Staples. The EasyRebates for those not familiar are, as the name suggests, very easy. You just enter data from your cash register receipt onto the Staples Easy Rebate website and submit it. That's all you need to send, unless otherwise noted in the rebate instructions of course. Then after 4-6 weeks you receive your checks. These are rebates for people who hate traditional rebates.

But there is hope on the memory card front, with a 2gb regular Sandisk going for $18, a 2gb Ultra II Sandisk going for $20 even, and the equivalent CompactFlash going for $30 even.

Even better prices per gigabyte can be found with the PNY Attache USB 2.0 flash drives, starting at $15 for 2-gigabytes, then $25 for 4-gigabytes (the new brick and mortar "standard" sale price) and $40 for the 8-gigabyte, which puts it at the lovely $5 per gigabyte rate.

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