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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Circuit City Father's Day digicam specials

Let's see what Circuit City has in-store for us during this week, which is the ramp up to the Father's Day high-tech sale-a-bration!

The popular Panasonic TZ5K is going for $300. This price is about $30 higher than some of the popular online stores (Amazon, J&R World) but it goes in and out of stock, so if you need to buy it right away, it may be find-first!

DSLR Specials at Circuit City
Canon EOS Digital SLR fans can get the Digital Rebel XTi 400D with the 18-55 EF-S kit for $625. The D-Rebel prices have been all over the place the last couple of weeks as the market digests the new XSi 450D and the newly announced XS 1000D DSLR.

A couple of Sony Alpha DSLRs are on sale, startign with the A300K, which is the A300 with the 18-70 DT lens for $600. If you want to add the 55-200 DT lens, then the price goes to $700. The the more expensive 14mp CCD APS-C Alpha A350 is available for $800 bundled with the 18-70DT lens and $900 with the 55-200 DT lens.

If you are a Nikon fan, then the Circuit ad is confused as they show a picture of the D60 yet the ad mentions the D80. A quick look at their website shows that the D60 with the 18-55 DX VR kit lens goes for $650 and the Nikon D80 goes for $750 body only and $1100 when bundled with the 18-135 DX lens.

To check all the available deals at Circuit City, check your local circular below:

Circuit City Weekly Ad 468x60

Compact Digital Cameras
There are two advanced digital cameras in the ad, the Canon G9 going for $450, and the Sony H50 going for $350, after a very recent $50 list price discount.

Among the cutesy ultra-compacts, the Samsung L100 gold goes for $100, yes one hundred making it a $100 camera deal. This has an 8mp sensor with a 3x optical zoom lens. The gold color is a Circuit City exclusive color, at least that's what the ad states.

Meanwhile the lovely Sony Cybershot W150 is available in black or red for $210, and this has an 8mp sensor and 5x optical zoom lens, along with a Smile Shutter of course.

Nikon fans juxtapose the Coolpix S550 bundle which includes a 1gb memory card and matching Coolpix-branded camera case. This is a good deal, but if you want to spend only $160, then you can look at the Coolpix S210 instead which includes a free 1gb memory card.

Canon has two Powershots on sale, the SD750 with its 3" LCD (but no OVF) going for $180, and the SD790-IS going for $320.

But if you are the type who mixes it up with the elements, you might want to strongly consider the Olympus Stylus 850 bundle for $300. This includes a camera case, floating wrist strap (oh dear!), and firedog training. The camera on its own goes for $250 at Amazon.com if you don't need the extas.

An even cuter camera is the Casio EX-Z77, bundled with a camera case, battery charger, mini tripod and YouTube t-shirt for just $130. Yum! Nice bundle!!!

Memory Card Deals
For $15 you can get the 2gb standard Sandisk card, which is model SDSDB2048A10. The 4gb SDHC, model SDSDB4096A11 goes for the brick and mortar standard $25 sales price. If you want to go Ultra II instead, model SDSDPH004GA11 goes for an extra $5.

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