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Monday, June 09, 2008

Father's Day Camera Deals at Office Max

Office Max joins the party of Brick and Mortar Father's Day high-tech gravy-trainers with a number of reaonable for brick and mortar specials, starting with the lovely Canon A590-IS going for $160. This is a new model and as the IS in the model name indicates it has (optical) image stabilziation. Good deal!

Also from the Powershot line-up, we have the Canon SD750 going for $170, which is an okay price, but a great price on the Canon S5 IS, going for $300, which beats Amazon, assuming of course you can find it in-stock. It looks like we may be heading towards a Canon superzoom announcement perhaps?

Olympus has a duo of affordable cameras advertised, the FE-310 going for $120 and the FE-340 going for $200. And the FE-340 has a double bonus attached to it, a camera kit and converter drive xD reader, a combined list value of $28, yours for free, no rebates, no questions asked. Yours to keep, eBay or throw away :)

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Nikon has a bonus as well, a free 1gb SD card with the purchase of their Coolpix L18 for $130. This Coolpix has an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor, a 3x optical zoom lens, but a 3" LCD, which is good for those who prefer bigger screens in their digital cameras. Just don't expect a deluxe screen :)o

But Kodak beats them all in terms of price, the Easyshare C813 goes for $100 and this has a 3x optical zoom lens believe or not.

Memory Cards
If low prices are your thing, a 1gb Lexar SD memory card goes for $8, while a 2gb goes for $13 making a bang for the buck SD card 4gb goes for the more predictable $25, which is nice but not unique.

If you fancy a 2gb Sandisk Ultra II SD memory card, your price is $20. As with all things Office Max, there are no rebates!.

If you are itching for an 8gb SD card, A-Data has their model for $40, bringing it to the magic price of $5 per gigabyte.

In contrast, a 1gb Olympus xD card goes for $18, whie 2gb and 4gb Lexar Memorystick Pro Duos Platinum II go for $18 and $30 respectively. Hey those are good prices!

For all the Office Max specials mentioned here, and lots more be sure to visit their website!

If you think digital picture frames are not gimmicks for the uninitiated, then you can get teh A-Data 8-incher for $90 or the Kodak 10-incher for $170. While supplies last. Or you can use an older computer and unused monitor or TV as a bigger and larger picture frame :)

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