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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Overstock Sandisk SDSDB2048A11 2gb SD cards for $13 at Adorama

Adorama has an overstock supply of 2gb Sandisk SDSDB2048A11 memory cards, and you can get them for just $13 each, without rebates, and without limits - while supplies last of course. These are obviously the standard speed Sandisk cards. There are 24 reviews of this memory card at Adorama. Shipping and handling is extra.

Also there at Adorama, AdoramaPix is having a sale on prints, you can get glossy 4x6 for just 8 cents, or you can get 20x30 prints for just $13 per print. And the popular 8x10 print size is just $2!

Note that we are rounding up prices to make this more readable. The actual prices are a few of cents different from the rounded amount mentioned here.

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