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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This week at Ritz and Wolf camera stores!

What special specials do we have this week at Ritz and Wolf Camera stores? Well, let us take a quick look!

The front page story is the Nikon Coolpix S51, available in four flavors (colors), and going for just $150. This is a slightly older digital camera, which is why the price is low, and it offers an 8-megapixel sensor with a 3x optical zoom, and a big (for digital cameras of this price range) 3" LCD display.

Two of the hottest DSLRs at the moment are advertised in the DSLR page, the Sony A350 with the 18-70 DT lens and the Canon Digital Rebel XSi with the 18-55 EF-S IS lens for $800 each. That's right, $800 each! Hooray!. You can also get the free photo printer with the Canon, but according to Ritz, Sony's policies prohibit them from offering the free photo printer with the Sony A350 purchase. Boo at Sony! :) The A350 has a 14mp CCD sensor, and it has been a hot point of discussion in the digital photography forums, especially after the dpreview review was posted.

Be sure to check all the weekly specials at Ritz and Wolf through the links above. This week Ritz is offering a free HP all-in-one 8x10 photo printer after mail-in rebates, as well as a free personalized photo book and camera classes where availble. These are free with the purchase of a digital camera of course. And if your digital camera or camcorder purchase is over $299, you get 0% interest until April 2009, assuming of course you pay the full amount by April 2009. See store or website for special financing terms and conditions!

Another great bargain is the Olympus Stylus 760, also a slightly older model, featuring a 7-megapixel 1/2.5" sensor with a 3x optical zoom lens and a 2.5" LCD. This is a splashproof camera, so it might come in handy to have if you are going to a place where there is the risk of water and the elements. Mind you, this is not a shockproof/dropproof camera, you have to get the SW-series for that. Sadly though they only work with xD memory cards so that negates the low price, unless of course you already have xD memory cards to use.

Even more water-friendly is the Pentax Optio W30 going for $250. This lovely can capture picutres underwater up to 10 feet adn can "last" underwater for up to 2 hours. The pressure of the water mounts you see, so you don't want to keep it under water for more than two hours. This has a 7-megapixel sensor, with a 3x internal (obviously) optical zoom lens. This is a nice price, but do keep in mind that Pentax announced a new model last month, the Pentax Optio W60, which is available for pre-ordering for around $330.

Affordable and colorful digital cameras
These put the A in affordable and we start with the Samsung S860 (8mp, 3x optical, 2.5" LCD) going for just $90 and available in black, which makes this camera look better than if it were a shiny "it came from space" silver.

Next at $130 you can get the Olympus FE-310, the only AA-based FE-series model from Olympus. But you don't just get the camera box, there is also a bonus here, you get a $40 bonus outfit that includes a leather case, and AA batteries along with a charger. Of course the $40 value of the outfit is list price as evaluated by Ritz. It may be worth less to you, especially if you already have the aforementioned accessories in abundance from your other digital camera or electronics.

At $150, you can get the Canon A580, with a $15 gift card as well. We however recommend that unless you must have the A580 or you have a very strict budget, you should get one of the Canon Powershot A-series with Image Stabilization (IS), such as the A570-IS or the A590-IS.

Superzooms on sale!
If you want to buy the absolutely cheapest superzoom on the market, the Fuji S700, also known as Fuji S5700 in some parts of the world, can be yours for just $150. This has a 10x optical zoom lens, but it does not have image stabilization. Nevertheless, considering the price, it's worth taking a look. Remember all the new Fuji cameras nowadays take both xD and SD memory cards, so you don't have worry about being "stuck" with xD proprietary cards. Good job Fuji, now it's Olympus's term to find "common sense".

The Panasonic TZ4 is advertised at $270 but that is an obnoxiously bad price. You can get this camera at Amazon for just $220. Bad Ritz, bad :)

Canon vs Nikon compacts
What would you get? The Nikon S52 eco-Green Coolpix for $200 or the Canon SD1100-IS, available in half a dozen colors for $250 with a bonus $20 gift card? Choices, choices! You can earn a lot of "smug points" with the S52 Eco-Green, and you don't have to buy a hybrid car ;-)

The $500 DSLRs are waiting for you
More and more DLSRs are hitting the market, and lower and lower go their prices making it more tempting and at the same time more affordable for people to experiment and explore the DSLR world.

A good starting point are the $500 DSLRs, starting with the Nikon D40 with 18-55 DX kit lens, or the Sony A100 with the 18-70 DT lens. With the A100 you are getting a bit of Sony Alpha history, as the A100 was the first Sony Alpha DSLR to be released. Minolta had its own DSLRs, but of course they were under the Minolta banner, the last two of which were the now legendar 5D and 7D.

Also at $500 you can get the Olympus E410 w/14-42 kit lens. Do note thatthis model (and the whole E4xx-series) does not have image stabilization. This is limited to stock on hand as the E410 has been replaced by the 2008 model, the E420.

And an even older DSLR for even less, but sadly without image stabilization, so you should probably not get it unless you play to glue the camera to tripod or monopod that is. Thsi is the Pentax K110D with the 18-55 DA lens for $450 and limited to stock on hand.

Memory Cards
The standard sale price has caught up with the Ritz-branded RitzPix 4gb SD memory cards, but there is a small catch, you have to buy a 2-pack for $50. So it comes out to $25 per 4gb card. But only if you need two of them.

Print me!
But wait there's more! Don't throw away the weekly circular! The backpage has a nice coupon: You get $5 off any online or in-store RitzPix order of $25 or more. This cannot be combined with any other offer and is good until 6/28.

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