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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Weekend camera deals around the net

Some interesting camera deals are available around the net this weekend, so let's take a quick look and shop shop shop!

J&R World has a special on the "older" Canon Digital Rebel XTi, body only, for $520 and with FREE Shipping and handling. This is also known as the 400D in some camera markets, and is the 3rd Digital Rebel announced by Canon. It was followed by the XSi (450D) and the just announced XS (1000D).

The TZ-series from Panasonic has put the "fun" in "fun zoom" and it appears so far that neither Canon nor Sony have been able to catchup with the "fun". Their latest is the TZ5 and the blue version (TZ5A) is sold by J&R World for $270.

Memory Cards
Let's all sing together now o/~ Memooooriiiiiiiiiiesssssssss o/~

Don't feed your advanced DSLR junk cards! Give it something ...extremely good ;-) Such as the Sandisk SDCFX3008GA21 Extreme III CompactFlash 8GB Memory Card which goes for $90 by the mail-order giant J&R World.

J&R is offering the Sandisk SDSDB22048A11 2GB SD two-pack for $25. This means you get two 2gb SD cards for $25.

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