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Friday, July 18, 2008

256MB Sandisk SDMSPDS256A Memory Stick Pro Duo for just $2.49!

If you want to stock up on super-cheap memory sticks, keep reading! J&R World is having a special sale offering the Sandisk SDMSPDS256A 256MB Shoot & Store Memory Stick Pro Duo for $2.49 each. This is a great sale if you have older cameras, or you want to use these when you go to print your pictures at the local digital prints machine and don't want to take/risk your regular cards.

Considering the price of $2.49, you can almost use them as disposable. Of course if you are planning to use this with the Sony W300 and take full-resolution 14-megapixel pictures, that's probably a bad idea. But if you want to use them in cameras where you usually take low-res photos, then you can't go wrong with $2.49!

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