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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Amazon Digital Camera Deals now

Amazon does not have a special 4th of July sales circular, but they do have a number of digital camera sales going on all the time. And we take a look, trying to uncover some gems for you :)

We start with an affordable and priced as dispoable tripod, the Kodak Gear 60 Inch Photo/Video Tripod with Quick Release for Film & Digital SLR Cameras and Camcorders for $18 plus $10 shipping and handling by Cameta Cameras on Amazon.

Summer is here, and it's a great time to mix it up with the elements, be it the ocean, the pool, or the fresh air of the mountains! And what a better way to enjoy these by carrying a digital camera that is designed to withstand the elements and at the same time pay just $200! If this sounds good, then take a long hard look at the Olympus Stylus 770SW which includes free shipping as well. One downsize is that it uses the dreaded xD memory card, but if you already have xD cards or don't mind paying extra to buy a couple, then please ignore this sentence.

To find out more about the Stylys 770SW, be sure to check the reviews at Imaging Resource, and also UK supersite Trusted Reviews. But hey, let's hear from someone other than the digital camera test geeks. How about a scuba diver site? Yes, here is what ScubaDiverInfo.com thinks!

While the TZ5 is getting all the buzz, the Panasonic TZ4K has been flying under the radar. Be sure to check the forums and photography sites online to find their differences, and if that's not an issue, then the price of $207 with free shipping may be hard to resist for the Lumix TZ4K. "K" of course is Panasonic-speak for black finish. See what Steve of Steve's Digicams thought about it in his TZ4 review.

Then we find the Panasonic LZ6 sold for $130 via RitzCamera online. This is a 2007 model and features a 6x MegaOIS zoom lens, SD cards, and AA-batteries. This is a entry-level-to-mid-range digital camera and uses 1/2.5" sensors, so don't expect DSLR-level features or image quality. Having said all that, it has a very good set of features considering the price. We did not find any reviews of the LZ6 at the digital camera review sites.

And now we have another $100 camera deal! Infact this camera is so cheap it's actually less than $100 and it includes free shipping and handling. It is obviously an entry-level camera, but what can you ask for $90? It's cheaper tham most cameraphones after all and there is no commitment or contract :) We are talking of course about the Samsung S860, available in different colors.

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