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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Camera Deals at Amazon on Sunday

The special prices keep on coming at Amazon, starting with the poor GE A735, going for the poor price of $80. Their discount, your win! This is the silver "it came from space" body, but they also have it available in other colors for different prices, partly depending on which sellers have it in stock.

If you want to bling it out with your digicam without actually paying for the gold, you can get the Casio EX-Z80 gold, offered for around $150 via OneCall.com. This is your typical LiIon-based 8-megapixel, 3x optical zoom, SD-based compact digital camera, with all the Casio extras, such as YouTube mode and such. But hurry up, supplies are limited!

If you have a Nikon DSLR, you know you can't resist the Nikon 18-200 DX VR lens. It gives you the equivalent of 28-300mm in a DX DSLR, and that versatility along with the "VR" (vibration reduction, aka image stabilization), are just too tempting. You don't have to throw away your primes or your shorter zooms, but you just can't carry the whole lens collection everywhere you go! Oh the special? For $690 via Cameta, you get the 18-200 DX VR Nikkor lens (USA warranty), along with a Hoya 72mm UV haze glass filter, a CapKeeper strap, and a cleaning kit too. Shipping is an additional $13 by Cameta.

If you are a fan of the Sigma DP1 camera, we have some good news, the price has finally gone down from the list price of $800. This is sold and shipped by Amazon itself to $763 with free shipping and a bonus discount on Tiffen software if purchased together. Note that the Tiffen software is not free, you just get an extra 10% off discount if you purchase them together. Together as in in the same transaction, in the shopping cart!

And now back to the bargains! For under $90 you can get the black Samsung S730, which has a 7-megapixel sensor and a 3x optical zoom lens. You can't complain too much considering the price :)

If you are looking for a superzoom and don't want to spend more than $150, Kodak has you covered! You can get the EasyShare ZD710 for just $150 from J&R World. Keep in mind though that this 10X superzoom does not have image stabilization. And neither does the Fuji S5700 (S700) that also sells for around $150. Coincidence? NOT!

Image stabilization is a valuable feature and we recommend that you get a superzoom with it if you have the price flexibility. Of course different implementations have different effectiveness in different models, so you should take a look at reviews and photography forums if that's a concern. You can get a camera with image stabilization starting at around $200, where you can find the lovely Panasonic TZ4 flirting with the $200 pride point. Also at $220 you can find the Canon SX-100-IS, and for under $200 you may be able to find the older Kodak Z712-IS at select reputable third party sellers.

Well, we could go on for days, but we have to stop here. Stay tuned for a lot more update! If you don't want to miss a thing, subscribe to the blog's full text RSS and Atom feed. It's FREE to subscribe and you'll get all the bargains right in your newsreader!

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