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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Digital camera deals at Circuit City this week

Let's dive into the Sunday paper and dig out the digital camera advertisements from the people at Circuit City.

Featured on the back of the circular is the Canon SD750, a camera that is seriously getting long in the tooth for an ultracompact point and shoot, but that doesn't stop people from buying it like hotcakes. To "encourage" them even further, Circuit City is throwing in a 1gb Sandisk SD card. The price is $180, which is fairly reasonable for brick and mortar, considering the free card as well.

Also from CAnon we have the Powershot SD870 IS, which has the distinction of having a lens starting at 28mm wide, which is rare among Elph models. The previous wide model is the SD800-IS, and it is expected that Canon will announce a new wide-angle model for Photokina 2008.

Circuit City Weekly Ad 468x60

On the memory card front, the 2gb Sandisk SDSDB2048A10 can be yours for just $14, a drop in the typical sale price at brick and mortar.

Samsung has a trio of great low prices, starting with the L100 gold going for $100. We call that color banana-gold :) This is an 8-megapixel 1/2.5" camera with a 3x optical zoom, LiIon, SD/MMC, face detection and the like. Not a bad price for an entry-level LiIon... Then at $140 you can get the Samsung L200 plum. Both of these obnoxiously loud colors are Circuit City exclusives. The L200 uses the popular in 2008 10-megapixel 1/2.33" sensor... Then we find another good price, the Samsung NV15, in sleek black color, with a free 1gb SD card, going for just $180. This is quite a good deal, because this is a closeout without rainchecks. If you are not familiar with the NV15, be sure to check its reviews at Steve's Digicams and at Digital Camera Review. This uses the older 10-megapixel 1/1.8" sensor by the way. Interested???

Next we have the Kodak M863 black paired with a Tamrac slim leather case, and a 1gb SD card, together for ever and ever for $135 as a City Deal. Also a City Deal for $285 is the Sony W150 with the Sony starter kit with battery and leather case for $285. The W150 has a typical zoom lens, the one that starts at 28mm wide is the W170, which is not advertised in this weekly circular.

Panasonic has a duo of cameras featured, first the fun-zoom TZ5 for $300, which is about $10 to $20 more than Amazon, depending on when you look, and the exclusively pink-red Lumix FS20R for just $200. This camera uses the 10mp 1/2.33" sensor, and starts wider than normal, but at 30mm wide. It stops short of the 28mm wide that the previous Panasonic FX-series models did. Apparently Panasonic decided to divide its "wide" line-up in 2008 into the FX models that start at 25mm wide and cost more, and the FS-series models that start at 30mm and are more affordable. Of course you can always pick up the 2007 and 2006 models under the FX-series banner that start at 28mm and cost less!

Last but not least among the compacts is Fuji with its Finepix S5700 (aka S700) going for $180 which is a horrible price, considering you can get it at Amazon for $155.

Two DSLRs in the ad and a special bundle
Two dSLRs are featured in the circular ad, and surprise-surprise neither one is a Canon! Oh how the mighty have fallen? Well, not quite! But Canon is clearly nowhere near the dominant force that it used to be two years ago!

Each one of the featured DSLRs qualifies for a bundle that includes a free printer (after rebates we presume), Resource book (dummies series), leather photo album (physical album, not software), and firedog live online training, which we presume you can also find for free since all these things are outsourced and recycled over and over and over :)

The two DSLRs are the Sony Apha A300 with the 18-70 DT lens going for $600 and the Nikon D60 with the 18-55 DX lens going for $650. But wait, you can get a better deal with the CityDeal! You bundle them with a camera case and an entry-level zoom lens and an extra battery for $750 and $975 respectively. The A300's extra lens is the SAL 55-200 f4-5.6 with the Sony-branded ACCAMFM11 camera case and battery kit. For the Nikon D60, the extra zoom lens is the 55-200 Nikkor VR, with the Nikon D40ACCKIT, which includes a camera case, extra camera battery and photography guide, along with a 2gb Sandisk memory card.

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