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Friday, July 18, 2008

Digital cameras in the Fry's circular ad

Let's take a look at what Fry's electronics is advertising in their newspaper ad! We start with two pretty in pink items, the Olympus FE-340 going for $150 after instant savings (8mp, 5x optical, 2.7" LCD, LiIon, xD), and the DIGIGO GO-80P 8-inch digital picture frame going for $130. This has 800x600 screen resolution, with a slide show function and a built-in calendar and clock.

On the more expensive cameras, the Olympus E510 is listed for $500 as body only and $600 with the 14-42mm kit lens. Similarly, the E410 is listed in similar bundles, but each one costs $100 less than the E510 equivalents. Do keep in mind that the E510 has sensor-shift image stabilization, while the lovely and smaller E410 does not.

Moving along, also from Olympus, the Stylus 1030SW is available in multiple colors for $350. This is not a bad brick and mortar price, since you can get it at Amazon for about $340 to $350. Of course you do have to factor in sales tax and delivery cost/speed and things like that.

Canon is represented by the SD950-IS, the 12-megapixel 1/1.7" Poweshot, which offers image stabilization as well, for $360. This price is not as competitive, since you can get it at Amazon for $330.

Getting bonus points for stylish design is the Casio eX-S10, available in multiple deliciously fashionable colors for $230. And it takes pictures too :) This is a very slim camera by the way, and it uses a 10mp 1/2.3" sensor which a lot of cameras announced in 2008 are using. It also has a 2.7" widescreen LCD, 3x optical zoom using the ceramic lenses, and has popular features such as face detection, YouTube mode, and things like that.

But we are not done yet, the Panasonic TZ4 is featured at $250, which is a bad price considering you can get the TZ5 at Amazon for around $290, or the TZ4 there for around $225.

Last but not least, the Samsung NV24hd, which was just "replaced" - sort of - with the newly announced NV100HD (aka TL34HD). But the new ones is only 28mm wide, while the NV24hd is 24mm wide which is a big difference for those who love wide angle. The price is $300 after instant savings and smoke and mirrors :)

A couple of camcorders are also advertised, the Canon FS100 for $370 and the FS10 for $450. Also the Vixia HF100 high def camcorder goes for $850 and the HF10 goes for $1000.

We do round up the Fry's prices to make them easier on the eyes. Some of them end in 9 or in 7 instead. But it's easier to read and write in round numbers :)

Memory Cards at Fry's
We didn't forget the memory cards, fear not! We start with an 8gb Ritada CompactFlash going at 233x for $40, putting it exactly at $5 per gigabyte. Olympus users can take panoramas out of the box with the 2gb Olympus-branded xD card for $25 (yes, a sham, I agree with you!).

Patriots can buy a twin-pack fo 2gb SD cards for $18, which is a nice deal, or a 4gb microSDHC for the smaller than small devices for $20.

If you don't object to mail-in rebates, a 4gb Patriot SDHC can be yours for $12 after a $6 mail-in rebate.

And for Sony users, the 4gb Lexar Memory Stick Pro Duo is all yours for $25. Speaking of MemorySticks, there is a $2.49 special at J&R World for 256MB memorysticks. Yes, 256MB, that's why the low price :) These are Sandisk, not generic brand!

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