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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fuji F45fd only $169 at Amazon right now!

If you are a fan of the Fuji F45fd, then be sure to check out Amazon, where you can find the camera on sale for $169, sold and shipped by Ritz Cameras online. Shipping and handling is $7.

If you are not familiar with the F45fd, it is a different model name for the Fuji F40fd, a camera that uses an 8-megapixel SuperCCD Fuji sensor, and it's a close cousin of the critically praised for its low noise Fuji F31fd. The F45fd (F40fd) is a step below the F31fd, which fetches quite a good price used on eBay.

To quickly become familiar with the F45fd (aka F40fd), check some of the high profile reviews posted, which include specifications and sample pictures, starting with Jeff Keller at DCResource.com, and then with Steve's Digicams.

Also reviewed by Digital Camera Review, Photography Blog, Trusted Reviews, and many more!

For more details, sample and real world pictures, and discussions and debates, Google is your friend! As far as discussions, a great place to get started is the Fuji Talk forum at dpreview.

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