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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hot price drops at J&R World (DSLRs and digicams)

There is a price drop party at J&R Worldiconand everyone's invited!

The price drops are all over the place, with the Nikon D300 plus the 18-135 digital (DX) lens going for $1870 with free shipping. Then there's the big Nikon D3 for $4800.

But Canon has its own share of deals, the EOS 5D is now $1800 for body only, the lowest price 35mm full frame digital SLR sold as a brand new-in-box model. And for those needing a slight encouragement to get the 1Ds Mark III, it is now selling for $7850.

On the lens front, the Tamron 18-200 f3.5-6.3 XR Di-II LD for the Canon and Nikon mounts goes for $280. That's of course because the newer model is even zoomier, it goes from 18-250mm. So this is actually a good deal when you translate it to bang for the buck, unless of course you need the extra zoom range.

J&R Computer/Music World

Flash! Not Gordon, but the Olympus FL-50R is selling for the new low price of $430. This works with compatible Olympus cameras, such as their Four Thirds DSLRs.

And a filter, the Heliopan 67mm UV Lens Filter can be yours for $45, but don't sleep on it, J&R informs us that qualities are limited for this guy.

Among the fixed lens (not DSLRs) digital cameras we have the Canon SD890 IS at $300. This Elph is a new 2008 model, so this is a cyclical price drop, not a clearance sale. It has the 10mp 1/2.33" sensor, along with a 5x optical zoom, but it does not start wide.

The Samsung NV24hd which made a splash at PMA because of its lens starting at 24mm is now down to $300 but do read the reviews first if you are not familiar with it. Also from Samsung, the NV30 goes for $200, and they are giving away the pink S860 (AA-based) for $90.

And at $100 exactly is the "oldie" Kodak Easyshare V803, which uses an 8-megapixel 1/1.8" sensor. Today's 1/2.5" sensor cameras have already "mastered" 8-megapixels and are moving to 9-megapixels, with cameras like the Nikon S52 and Kodak C913.

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