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Friday, July 18, 2008

Late night digital photography specials at Amazon

We start with the Nikon mount, where we have two specials going on. First up, Cameta Cameras has created a special bundle of the Nikon D60, which includes the D60 itself, the two kit lenses (18-55 DX VR and 55-200mm), an 8gb memory card, an extra Nikon EN-EL9 battery, a Nikon branded case, and a few more accessories, all that for $870 plus $19 shipping and handling.

And since the D60, just like the D40 and D40x, expects the lens to have a focus motor, Tamron has a nice deal on the 28-75mm f2.8 SP XR Di LD lens for just $400, sold and shipped by Amazon itself!

Compact digital camera specials
If you like the $15 per megapixel rate, you can get the Olympus Stylus 1200 for $180 via J&R World. This uses the 1/1.7" sensor and has the usual assortment of features you would expect from a compact. See reviews for more details and specifications as usual.

If $80 is all you want to spend, you are in good luck, the GE A735, available in silver and red, can be yours! It does have a 3x optical zoom lens, but do adjust your expectations considering the price. Google is your friend for reviews and user commentary.

Kodak created a splash and caught people by surprise by the popularity of their new Zi6 HD Pocket video hybrid gadget. The pre-order price is $180 and this goes up against the Flip thingy that has been popular and even got a column on it by New York Times tech reporter and author David Pogue.

Tripods and monopods under $30
The price is nice, but obviously don't expect them to behave like $100 tripods. But these can be good as backups, throw-arounds or experimental tripods.

We start with the Kodak 60-incher, with a quick release by the way, going for $18 plus $10 shipping and handling via Cameta Cameras.

The second one is the Kodak 68" Go Anywhere monopod, offered by 47th Street Photo for $15 plus $8 shipping and handling.

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