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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Quiet Sony deals at Staples this week (July 13 to 19)

Things are very quiet with regards to digital cameras, and products in general in this week's Staples weekly circular ad. Just four pages long, it only features two Sony Cybershot W-series models on sale. The hot selling W120 is offered at $190, which is the "replacement" for the popular W55, and the W150 is going for $230. The one that starts at 28mm is the W170, which is not listed in the ad. There's also the W130 and W110, and who knows how many more :)

On the storage front, Staples is having a sale on USB sticks, sold in two-packs and three-packs as if they are chewing gum. Prices still higher than chewing gum however!

Another item of interest for photographers is portable storage, and external hard disk such as the Maxtor One Touch 4 Mini (250gb) is on sale for $116, while the 500gb Plus edition goes for $145. And if you prefer the newer Black Armor storage solutions, you pay almost $1 per gigabyte, it's $140 for the 160gb edition.

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