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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ritz and Wolf compact digital cameras for the week (starting July 20)

We already featured the Ritz and Wolf DSLR specials for this week, now it is time to focus (no pun intended) on the compact digital cameras.

We start with the lowest prices, the Nikon Coolpix L18 goig for $130, which is a good price considering all things. This camera is AA-based and uses the popular 2008 1/2.3" 10-megapixel sensor. Then at $160 we find the Fuji Z20fd, a LiIon-based dual xD/SD memory card camera, avaialable in fashionably adorable colors, and using a sliding cover with a folded optics lens, which means image quality red flag for those who expect DSLR-level quality from a tiny cutesy utlra compact digital camera :)

Then at $170 we find a great deal in the Fuji F45fd, in an exclusive gun-metal gray color. This has the near-legendary 8-megapixel 1/1.7" SuperCCD sensor, which is the next sensor after the legendar 6-megapixel 1/1.7" SuperCCD sensor found in the likes of the F31fd, S6000fd, F30fd and such.

On the cutesy front, we also have the Canon SD1100 IS in multiple colors for $250 each (bad price, near $200 at Amazon), and the Coolpix S600 black for $300, which is also a horrible price.

Also horrible prices among two popular superzooms, the Panasonic Tz5 at $350 and the Sony H50 at $400. MAP and MSRP anyone? :)

But a good price, infact beating Amazon by $5 to $10, is the Fuji S5700 (aka S700), going for $150. This has a 10x optical zoom lens, but sadly no image stabilization, which explains the price :) Nevertheless, this is a very low price for a superzoom, and if your budget is at the $150 point, and you absolutely don't want to spend more for a model with image stabilizaiton, then it is a good deal. Our opinion is to go for a model with image stabilization, unless you plan to glue the camera on a monopod or tripod or you are an expert at hand-held shooting with compact superzooms.

As far as memory cards, the wireless Eye-Fi 2gb card is yours for $80, a 5x multiple on the standard Sandisk SD card, but you get the wireless capabilities. If you want them and need them, then you pay the price. If not, run away! :)

And speaking of SD cards, a three-pack fo 2gb Ritz-branded SD cards (don't know who makes them) can be yours for $18. You do have to buy all three. Not a good price though as you can get single 2gb SD cards for $14 at retail. See our Circuit City roundup.

But if you want CompactFlash cards at brick and mortar, the 2gb Sandisk Ultra II cards go for $25 each, and the 1gb go for $18. Needless to say, the 2gb ones are the better bang for the buck amogn the two, but if you search online, you can obviously find better deals.

And we close with something for the musically inclined, the Sandisk Clip mp3 players are on sale, starting at $40 for the 1gb models.

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