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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Two cameras at Staples this week

Staples is giving away office supplies at 5-cents, but they are a bit stingy on their digital camera specials. Only two digital cameras are listed in this week's new circular ad, but they are good low prices for those who are interested in the lowest possible prices.

One is the Kodak M753 for $100, and the other is the Canon A580 for $130. We recommend the A590-IS instead, because it only costs about $30 more, but offers image stabilization and a few other features you won't find on the A580. This is one of the few rare cases where more is actually less!

On the memory cards front, we have a price breakthrough at brick and mortar, a 4gb PNY SDHC card is now $20, putting it exactly at $5 per gigabyte. Usually 4gb SDHC cards at retail are on sale for $25. A 2gb PNY SD card goes for $15. Memory costs more for other formats, such as the 2gb PNY Optima Pro Compactflash card going for $25. Compare and contrast with SD :)

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