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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Night time camera deals (Nikon S610, Leica CLux2, Lumix LX3)

We start with a camera in preorder status but with a discount! Isn't that special? You can get the Nikon S610 black for $274 with free shipping. This was announced by Nikon a few days ago and has a 10mp sensor with a 4x optical zoom lens that starts at 28mm wide equivalent.

If you are in love with the Leica brand, the C-Lux 2, which is of course based on a Panasonic LX-series model equivalent, can be yours for $400 at Amazon through a number of 3rd parties. Amazon itself does not ship Leicas.

Meanwhile the good people at J&R World have the Panasonic LX3 down to $400. This is a preorder by the way, the camera is not shipping yet. The standard preording price is $500. This is a limited time offer.

And the elegantly designed and styled Ricoh GRD II has dropped to $550, offered by Adorama. Free shipping as well.

And everybody's favorite Fuji, the Finepix F50fd is now down to $200. This uses a 12-megapixel sensor, so it does not have exactly the same noise reputation as the F31fd and its other 6-megapixel friends. But it still has ana advantage over cameras using a sensor of similar size from the "traditional" sensor manufacturers.

Labor day specials at Circuit City (Sunday and Monday only)

Apart from the usual weekly specials, Circuit City has a few cameras that on special for Sunday and Monday, Labor Day!

Without further ado, here they are, starting with the Samsung S860 available in exclusive colors (green, blue, red) for just $100, plus of course any applicable sales tax. Next up at $120, they have the red Nikon Coolpix L18.

Then at $280 we have the Canon Powershot SD770-IS with the usual pictures. And on the DSLR front, we have the Digital Rebel XSi 450D with the 18-55 EF-S IS lens for $725. Not as low as Amazon, but it's brick and mortar - you can pick it up right away, either in-store or buy-online-pickup-at-the-store.

Circuit City Weekly Ad 468x60

And if you want to load up on 2gb memory cards, they have a two-pack of Sandisk 2gb SD memory cards for just $20. That's like $5 per gigabyte which is a good price :)

Sunday morning cameras

We actually start with a lens, despite the title :) It is the 35mm full frame Sigma 24-60 f2.8 EX DG, bundled with bonus stuff like a Hoya G series 77mm UV filter from Cameta Cameras on Amazon for the price of $240. When mounted on your typical DSLR, you are getting the equivalent crop of roughly 36-90mm so it's not exactly a wide-angle lens there.

If you love adorable but not loud-red cameras, then $125 will get the red Samsung L200.

If you want an underwater friendly camera but don't want to spend a lot of money, there is the Vivitar 6200W Vivicam for $120 via 3rd party.

Say all you want about superzooms, they can't get anywhere near as bright as primes. Case in point, the Sigma 50mm f1.4 available for the Canon mount for a round $500.

If you want an affordable wide-angle digicam for exactly $150, and it has to be a Coolpix from Nikon, there is only one option, the Coolpix P50, which is an older camera but still works just fine. Obviously you have to adjust your expectations to the price point, you can't expect this to perform like a Canon G9 which by the way is getting harder and harder and harder to find these days. At least find at a reasonable price. Even the reputable retailers are jacking up prices. Supply and demand at work!

If you want a water-friendly camera that is beyond the basics (eg Vivitar above), but don't want to pay $300+ for the latest models, there is a compromise at $200. It is called the Pentax Optio W30. It took Pentax a while to replace the W30, but it is still around. And a recent report has shown that there is demand for more water-friendly cameras.

And we close in style! With the introduction of new T-series models this week, it only means one thing: Better deals for the Sony T300 which has now dropped to the much more tempting price of $300. This is the black finish, but the other colors are discounted to $300 as well. Do note that it uses MemorySticks, although memory card prices have fallen so perhaps even if you don't want to build up an army of MemorySticks, you can buy a couple of them without spending too much money.

As always, be sure to check reviews, both by professional review sites, and independent photographers alike, and check sample pictures but also real world pictures from real world users.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

New camera specials around the net

We start with a special Canon A590-IS kit at Adorama, which includes a bonus 2gb memory card, a table top tripod and camera case for $181 and free shipping.

The A590-IS is one of the biggest bang of the buck deals out there!

If you are a fan of the Olympus Stylus 780 digital camera, then you can get it for $150 at Amazon.

The Kodak Zi6 HD hybrid camera-camcorder is available for pre-ordering at $180. Kodak is going after the iFlip who has been building up "underground" momentum among non-elitists.

If you want the Samsung NV15, you can get it for $130 at Amazon via J&R World.

And if you want to pay just $80 and love pink, we got a great deal for you, at Amazon.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Making noise at Amazon right now

Cameta Camera has done it again, bundling the Canon SD-1100-IS with a 4gb SD memory card, extra NB-4L battery, a camera case, and a bonus accessory kit full of trinkets. All that for $230 plus $13 shipping and handling. as you can see this is the blue color, which looks refreshing in the summer heatwave ;-)

If you want to feed your Canon EOS DSLRs some more light, but don't want to pay Canon prices, there is an alternative: Sigma! The Sigma EF 530 DG II electronic flash can be yours for $259 with free shipping, offered on the Amazon Marketplace by 47th Street Photo.

And continuing with the low(er) price theme, the Cosina 19-35 f3.5-4.5 MC AF 35mm full frame lens is on sale for $100 plus $10 S&H via 47th Street Photo. This is the Canon mount flavor, and when mounted on a digital SLR you get something along the lines of 29-53mm. You can do the 1.58x math if you want a more accurate equivalency range.

Hot Labor day deals at J&R World

J&R World has a four-pack of solid deals for the weekend. These expire on Monday, which is Labor Day, so don't delay, get yours now :)

We start with the silver Panasonic Lumix LX3S for $400. This is in preordering status, and has a $100 temporary discount. The typical price is $500. This is an awesome deal if you like this camera and like (or do not hate) the silver color.

If you are looking to impress your friends with a gadget-appeal digital camera, and don't want to break the piggy bank, then you might be interested in the Samsung NV-15. This is the black finish which makes it look even more stylish, and costs just $130. Yep, just $130!

And if you are a Sony fan, we have another stylish camera, but one that takes the dreaded Memory Stick Pro Duo which only works in Sony-Land. The camera is the black finish of the Sony Cybershot T300/B.

We haven't forgotten DSLR users! A power-packed DSLr for just $950 can be yours this weekend. We are talking of course about the Canon EOS 40D as body only. There is a new camera in the line-up, the 50D, but it costs a lot more, $1400 for body only, and you have to wait until October before it becomes available for purchase.

New Camera Deals at Amazon

If you like your camera to mix it up with the elements, like water and dust, and survive a few drops, and you don't have any major objections to the xD memory card, then $200 is all you pay for the Olympus Stylus 770SW. Free shipping as well.

It's a new camera, but this superzoom camera has already been discounted nicely to $350. Not bad at all. This is the Panasonic FZ28K. Free shipping and handling.

And speaking of which, the new black SX-110-IS from Canon is on pre-order, but already discounted to $280. This has a 10x optical zoom lens, and it is intended to be a "fun zoom" camera, not a big superzoom.

The "old" Sony A100 DSLR with the 18-70 DT lens is under $500! Yes! It can be yours for $470.

And if you don't object to a "white glaze" camera (I kid you not on the color name!), but love the $100 price tag, then we have the perfect compromise for you, the Kodak V803, an older

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Early Labor day deal: Kodak Z712 IS and more

Buy.com has an early Labor Day sale! The Kodak Z712 IS, a 7-megapixel superzoom with a 12X IS (image stabilization) lens is offered for $160 and with free shipping and handling. This deal expires on September 1st, so don't sleep on it. This camera is a good idea if you are not particularly thrilled with all the new cameras jumping to 10-megapixels.

If style is a higher priority, then the red Casio Ex-S880RD certainly wins on style, and only costs $140 with free shipping and handling.

If you don't mind sending rebates for small amounts, you can get a 2gb Dane-Elec MicroSD memory card for $5.50 after a $4 mail-in rebate. Even without the rebate, it's not a bad deal.

If you don't object to a cyan colored USB drive, the Kingston 4gb Data Traveler is yours for $14 and comes with free budget shipping.

NewEgg email promo: Pentax Optio S10 for $126

If you are signed up for the NewEgg email list, be sure to check it out. One of the exclusive email subscriber New Egg promotions is the Pentax Optio S10 digital camera for $126 and with free shipping and handling.

This special is only for subscribers and the coupon codes generated are for each individual subscriber.

Amazon Camera & Photo Gold Box deal from 5pm to 9pm eastern time today (Thursday)

Amazon will be having a "Camera and Photo" gold box deal good for four hours, from 5pm eastern time to 9pm eastern time, today, Thursday August 28, 2008! If you are interested, be sure to check your Amazon gold box!

Amazon has a one-sentence teaser for each gold box special, and for this one they say:

Display Memories and Listen to Music

We do not know what item this is, although we can guess that it might be a digital picture frame or some other portable media display device. Set up your alarm clock for 5pm eastern to find out!

Ricoh R8 on sale for $270

Adorama, one of two USA retailers to be offering Ricoh digital cameras on sale, is having a special on the Ricoh R8 for $270 with free shipping and handling.

The R8 uses a 28-200mm 7x optical zoom lens, along with a 10-megapixel 1/2.3" sensor. The Ricoh cameras are an acquired taste, but they do have their niche fan base. To learn more about them if you are not familiar, RicohForum.com is a good place to start.

What do you want to see here?

What type of cameras and specials and deals would you like to see mentioned here? Are you interested in specific brands? DSLRs? Superzooms? Compacts? Great bargains regardless of type and size? Strategies to get better deals and lower prices?

Let us know by leaving a comment! Moderation is on to prevent the robots from filling up the blog with spams.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Ritz and Wolf deals

So what does Ritz and Wolf Online have on special right now? Let's take a quick look!

We start with the older but solid Nikon D200 body only DSLR going for $1000 with free shipping and no sales tax anywhere in the country. If you need a solid DSLR, and you don't need the latest "buzz"/consumer features, take a long hard look at the D200.

And if you are looking for a solid bright lens that you can use both on a DSLR or a film SLR, the Nikon 24-70 f2.8 ED AF-S for $1700 with free ship and no sales tax.

Want more? Be sure to check the Ritz and Wolf online deal of the day!

Stay tuned for more bargains and specials, and if you don't want to miss any, you can subscribe, for free, to the full text of this blog using your favorite RSS newsreader:  Subscribe to the full-text feed.

What's buzzing at Amazon now?

For $98 you can have the sleek black Samsung S730. This is a 7-megapixel with a 3x optical zoom and the typical entry-level features and options.

If you are looking for an affordable telephoto on the entry-level side of things, the Tamron 75-300mm is waiting for your Sony and Minolta DSLRs for just $130 via 47th Street Photo.

It didn't take Panasonic long to discount the brand new FZ28 which can be yours for just $356. And that's the FZ28K, the black finish, not the shiny silver one. Althoug some do prefer the shiny silver color :)

It may be hard to find, and it may be old, but if you really want it, the Fuji E900 is all yours for $225 via Ace Photo Digital. Plus $9 shipping and handling. This uses a 9-megapixel SuperCCD sensor from a couple of years ago. That's a similar sensor to what was found in the S9000/S9100fd superzooms. Then as you may recall, at PMA 2008, Fuji jumped to a 11-megapixel SuperCCD sensor with the big big Fuji S100fs.

Olympus E3 body only down to $1380

If you are interested in the Olympus E3, 47th Street Photo is having a special at Amazon.com for $1380 plus $25 shipping and handling. The E3 of course is the current Four Thirds flagship DSLR and has a 10-megapixel sensor.

The E3 has been reviewed by a number of reputable digital camera review sites like dpreview, dc-resource, steve's, luminous and CNet among many others.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hot deals at Amazon right now (Tuesday night)

First up, the cutesy SD1100-IS models are going down in price! You can get them for around $180, which is a nice price considering that these have image stabilization and are small compact and stylish and carry the Canon Powershot Elph tradition. These won't be replaced this year, so it's XMas in August :)

A camera that is being replaced but it's selling at the awesome price of $140 is the Canon A590-IS. This is the greatest deal dollar per dollar among all the digital cameras out there. Just $140 and you get so much! If you are planning to buy digital cameras as gift, stock up and load up! Great great great deal :)

Meanwhile on the other end of the spectrum, a camera that was just announced today, the superzoom Canon SX 110 IS is already on sale and discounted at Amazon. Yes, that's right, I'm not drank! This is yours for $280 right now. It's not shipping right away, but should start shipping soon! This is available in either silver or black, but the black color looks a lot sleeker.

If you want some photographer-geek mystique, you should consider investigating the Fuji F40fd, which goes for under $200, and uses the 8-megapixel Fuji SuperCCD sensor, which is one step removed from the 6-megapixel critically acclaimed low-noise sensor found in the Fuji F31fd and its predecessors.

And on the DSLR front, the Nikon D200 body only has dropped to $1000 even. This of course is an older DSLR, but if its features are what you need and what you want, then take a look!

Going to other end of the spectrum, $75 is all you need to pay for the Nikon Coolpix L10. This is an older Coolpix, with "just" five megapixels, but most people looking at an entry-level digital camera don't really need much more. IT's just $15 per megapixel after all :)

Davis & Sanford Vista Trailblazer V Monopod for $30 shipped

The Davis & Sanford Vista Trailblazer V Monopod is on sale by Cameta Cameras on Amazon for $23 plus $7 shipping and handling. The shipping weight is 1.5 pounds. Extends up to 68" and down to 21". The maximum load is 7lbs, and has 4 sections, quick snap locks, and foam handle. A bag is included!

Samsung GX20 cashback for those in the UK

Samsung has a new cashback promotion for photographers who purchase a GX-20 in the UK market. Note that this is a UK market promotion. Samsung does not usually have digital camera cashback promotions in the USA market.

For details on this promotion be sure to visit dpnow and Photography Press.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Canon SD1100 IS drops to $180 at Amazon!

Available in five colors, the Canon SD 1100 IS has dropped $20 in price at Amazon!

Free shipping is included! The camera is available in brown, pink, silver, black and gold! And if you purchase the item from Amazon itself, not a 3rd party seller, you also get 20 free prints (ten 4x6, five 5x7, five 8x10) from Shutterfly.com.

Sigma 55-200mm (Nikon mount, no focus motor) for $68 shipped

If you have Nikon mount DSLRs, and you are looking for an affordable super-cheap lens, and you have a Nikon-mount DSLR with a built-in focus motor, or you are allergic to auto-focus, then consider the Sigma 55-200mm f4-5.6 DC Macro lens. This on a typical DSLR has the equivalent of 80-300mm. Does not have image stabilization. The price is just $60 plus $8 shipping by Cameta Cameras on Amazon.com.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hot deal! 4gb Sandisk SDHC card for just $10, no rebates!

We have a great deal for you, it's good from now until Sunday night! Don't delay, don't sleep on it! This is hot! A 4gb Sandisk SDHC memory card is on sale for $10 at Abe's of Maine. This is Sandisk model SDSD4GBHC.

And there's more from the good people at Abe's of Maine: A Sandisk 4gb USB drive, Cruzer model, can be yours for just $10 as well. This is Sandisk model SDCM4GB.

This is a nice combo and the Sandisk brand name you know and trust. Load up the shopping cart, this deal expires Sunday night!

Affordable Sony Alpha DSLRs with kit lens for under $600

If you are looking to get started in DSLRs, or if you are a Minolta SLR user who has been waiting for the right price or the right time or the right dSLR to come along, this maybe a good time to make the switch to digital SLRs because the prices are certainly right!

$500 will get you the Sony Alpha A200 DSLR with the 18-70 DT lens. This is a 10-megapixel APS-C DSLR that uses the Sony Minolta Alpha mount lenses. DT stands for digital-only lenses that are created specifically for DSLRs with cropped sensors, which is the vast majority of DSLRs sold.

An extra $100 more will get you the next step DSLR, the Alpha A300 which has a tiltable LCD screen and a usable Live View mode, and is considered by some the best implementation of LiveView under $1000 among traditional DSLRs.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New camera deals and specials at Amazon right now

We start this look with a lens that is not just here yet but it is generating some excitment. We are talking about the $500 Sigma 50mm f1.4 EX DG HSM available for the Nikon mount. You can order it nwo, and it will be shipped when it arrives at Amazon. An actual date is not given on the website.

Cameta has put together a bundle built around the Canon 28-135mm IS USM lens, which includes a Hoya 72mm UV haze protector filter, and a few more accessory-trinkets. The price is $380.

If you don't mind an older camera, and you love the Fuji Z-series, and you only want to pay $140, and orange is your favorite color, you are reading the right sentence! The orange Fuji Z10fd can be yours for just $140.

But if you are stingy-thrifty, $80 can get you an entry-level digicam with a 3x optical zoom lens. It's the GE A735 black. The price obviously sets the expectations! Don't expect this to perform like a Canon G9!

If you want to be the first dude or dudette in the block with the new 15-megapixel Nikon, place your preorders now for the Coolpix S710.

If you like the Fuji A900, it can be yours for $140. This uses a 1/1.7" SuperCCD, but it does not have the same level of image processing and quality as the much more expensive Fuji digital cameras using a similar sensor (eg S9000fd/S9100fd).

If the look, style and feature set of the Samsung NV15 is tempting, but you don't want to risk too much money on non-traditional brand, you have the perfect storm: A price of $145 limits your risk :)

If you like the Stylus line, and have no objections to the xD memory card, the Stylus 1200 from Olympus can be yours for $180. This is the stylish black finish, and this camera uses the 12mp 1/1.7" sensor, not the smaller 1/2.5" or 1/2.33" sensors usually found in the smaller compacts.

Orange Casio EX-Z9 just $120

If you are looking for an affordable and stylish and colorful ultracompact digital camera, pay close attention to this deal: The Casio EX-Z9 offered by J&R World on Amazon for just $120. This lovely has an 8-megapixel 1/2.5" sensor, a 3x optical zoom lens, a 2.6" display, NP-60 LiIon battery, lots of scene modes, face detection, mpeg4 videos, and a lot more!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Special $100 off Kindle with Chase promotion!

If you were interested in the Amazon Kindle but needed an extra incentive to get it, Amazon has an offer that may tempt you in association with the Chase Amazon credit card. Here is the deal, you apply for a Chase Amazon Rewards credit card, and if you are approved instantly, they will add the card to your Amazon account. Then you add the Kindle to your shopping cart and use coupon code VISACARD at checkout and that will get you $70 off your purchase. The other $30 will show as a credit on your credit card statement. So $70 + $30 = $100!

This is only a rough summary of the promotion, be sure to read all the terms and conditions before considering and applying!

The current Kindle price before the promotional discount mentioned above is $360, down $40 from the starting price of $400 when the Kindle was initially released and ran out of stock. Now it is indeed back in stock.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday night camera deals

We start with a nice Nikon P80 bundle offered by Adorama for $400 with free shipping. This include the camera obviously, along with the following bonus items:

  1. 4gb SD memory card
  2. Spare battery by a 3rd party battery maker
  3. Lowepro camera case
  4. eFilm USB 2.0 SD memory card reader
  5. 2 Year Extended Service Coverage

Now we move to Amazon where we find the Bogen-Manfrotto Three Section Black Monopod with 3232 Swivel Tilt Head on sale for $60!

But if you are more of a ...slick guy, then you may be interested in the Slik SPRINT PRO Travel Tripod with Ball Head, also selling for $60, at Amazon, and with free shipping.

Now if you want to go old-school, the Holga 120N medium format fixed focus camera can be yours for $23. This camera is NOT digital!

Also from the world of film, the all manual Vivitar V3800N SLR with a 50mm lens is offered for $140. This is NOT digital. You have to buy and develop film :)

And the grand-daddy of currently available manual film SLRs perhaps is the Nikon FM10 which comes bundled with a 35mm lens. This is a film camera, film is required, and no multiplication factor :) 35mm is 35mm in 35mm equivalency terms :)

And this concludes this bargain hunting update. Stay tuned for more! If you don't want to miss any future update, you can subscribe for free, we offer a  full-text RSS feed.

Friday, August 15, 2008

4gb Sandisk SDHC card for $10 (expires Sunday night)

Abe's of Maine has a special promotion on a 4gb Sandisk SDHC memory card! It can be yours for just $10! Four Gigabyte Sandisk SD Memory Card, 75% OFF! Normally $40. This is a class four card and in-stock. Please note that the promotion ends on Sunday night, or earlier if they run out of stock.

The price is nice considering this is a Sandisk brand. It comes out to $2.50 per gigabyte which is about half of the going rate at reputable online retailers.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Latest photo deals at Amazon right now

If you are looking for an affordable tripod, Adorama is offering the Velbon CX-570 Deluxe tripod on Amazon for $40 with $7 shipping and handling. Or if you prefer a 74" model, the Opteka full size can be yours for $35.

If you are looking for a basic and affordable flash, the Opteka FL680AF-N i-TTL AF Dedicated Digital Flash for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras. This is a closeout model!

Users of Canon DSLRs may be interested in the Tokina AF 12-24mm f/4 AT-X Pro DX, which when mounted on an EF-S/APS-C digital SLR, it has the equivalent of 18-36mm. Good for fans of wide angle obviously!

Kodak Easyshare M-series models are on sale! The M753 is going for $105 and the M763 is for $118. Both with free shipping if sold and shipped by Amazon itself.

Ninety dollars can you get the red GE A735, an entry-level but with a 3x optical zoom lens. Obviously you can't really expect this to perform the same way as a camera that costs five times as much!

If you like the slim M-series Optios, $115 will get you the Pentax M40. Uses a LiIon battery. Not to be confused with the earlier M-series models which were actually using AA batteries.

And if you are not allergic to the XD memory cards of Olympus, you can have the Stylus 760 for $140. This camera has a seven megapixel sensor and a 3x optical zoom lens, with some protection against the elements.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Late night camera specials at Amazon.com

So what cameras are floating in the Great River? Let's take a look!

If you like pink and $80, then you will love the Kodak Easyshare C713. It has a 7-megapixel sensor, and the usual AA-batteries, SD/MMC, etc.

$200 can get you the Kodak Z8612-IS. Free shipping too. Sold and shipped by Amazon itself.

More from Kodak, the mystic purple V803 is all yours for $110 with free shipping and handling.

A $40 lens? Oh my! Well this is an old lens, the Cosina 70-210mm f4.5-5.6 for the Nikon mount. This is a 35mm full frame lens, so if mounted on most digital SLRs, you will get the equivalent 105-315mm focal range.

If you don't object to refurbished lenses, the Nikon 55-200 f4-5.6 DX AF-S can be yours for just $110! This is offered on Amazon by Adorama, and has a $10 shipping and handling fee.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Free film development at Walgreens on August 6

Walgreens is running a promotion on Wednesday August 6: Free development of a roll of film. This can be 1 roll of 35mm film or APS film or even a one-time-user camera. Rolls can be 36, 24 or 12 exposures. This is good in-store only, and no strings attached according to the Walgreens promotional email. You do need a coupon for this, which you can get from Walgreens.com or other places.

Note that if you are in Hawaii, this promotion takes place on August 11, instead of the 6th.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Late night specials at Amazon!

Let's take a look at the latest digital camera specials at Amazon!

We start with the Panasonic LZ8 going on sale for about $150, and with free shipping and handling.

If you want an affordabel entry-level digital camera, the Samsung S83, black finish, with a 5x optical zoom lens and an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor.

Wowie! The Canon 30D body only is now down to $700, sold by RitzCamera via Amazon! Get yours now!

Also from Samsung, at $127, with free shipping and handling, we get the lovely red Samsung L200, which has a 3x optical zoom and a 10mp 1/2.33" sensor. And a LiIon battery.

Also at $130, you can get the black GE E850, which has a 5x optical zoom lens and an 8-megapixel sensor. Yes, this is a GE General Imaging brand. And for almost half, at $80, you can get the pink GE A735.

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