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Friday, August 22, 2008

Affordable Sony Alpha DSLRs with kit lens for under $600

If you are looking to get started in DSLRs, or if you are a Minolta SLR user who has been waiting for the right price or the right time or the right dSLR to come along, this maybe a good time to make the switch to digital SLRs because the prices are certainly right!

$500 will get you the Sony Alpha A200 DSLR with the 18-70 DT lens. This is a 10-megapixel APS-C DSLR that uses the Sony Minolta Alpha mount lenses. DT stands for digital-only lenses that are created specifically for DSLRs with cropped sensors, which is the vast majority of DSLRs sold.

An extra $100 more will get you the next step DSLR, the Alpha A300 which has a tiltable LCD screen and a usable Live View mode, and is considered by some the best implementation of LiveView under $1000 among traditional DSLRs.

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