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Friday, August 29, 2008

Making noise at Amazon right now

Cameta Camera has done it again, bundling the Canon SD-1100-IS with a 4gb SD memory card, extra NB-4L battery, a camera case, and a bonus accessory kit full of trinkets. All that for $230 plus $13 shipping and handling. as you can see this is the blue color, which looks refreshing in the summer heatwave ;-)

If you want to feed your Canon EOS DSLRs some more light, but don't want to pay Canon prices, there is an alternative: Sigma! The Sigma EF 530 DG II electronic flash can be yours for $259 with free shipping, offered on the Amazon Marketplace by 47th Street Photo.

And continuing with the low(er) price theme, the Cosina 19-35 f3.5-4.5 MC AF 35mm full frame lens is on sale for $100 plus $10 S&H via 47th Street Photo. This is the Canon mount flavor, and when mounted on a digital SLR you get something along the lines of 29-53mm. You can do the 1.58x math if you want a more accurate equivalency range.

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