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Friday, November 21, 2008

Sony T2 for $200 (ideal for those who hate MemoryStick)

If you hate memory sticks but you love the design of the Sony T-series, then there is a compromise, the Sony Cybershot T2, which has 4gb of on-board memory, thus making the use of memorysticks optional. So you can have this hot camera, available in multiple trendy and fashionable colors, and at the same time, not own a single memorystick chip. That is if 4 gigabytes of the on-board memory is enough for you, and considering the number of megapixels and market positioning of this camera, it should be plenty if you are planning on using it in urban and suburban areas with access to computers and the internets and such. Now if you are planning to use it while treking in the Himalayas, that's a whole "nuther" story!

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