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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Panasonic TZ50 silver for $307

If you love the Panasonic TZ5 and you wish it had "wireless support", then you may want to take a look at the silver Panasonic TZ50. It is the TZ5 with wireless features. Current price is $307 and with free shipping, sold & shipped by Amazon.com.

But also keep in mind that the Panasonic product lifecycle means that a TZ5 replacement is likely to come out this spring (2009). Of course this does not necessarily mean there will also be a new wireless model.

We've seen different manufacturers try their hand at wireless cameras, but none of them seems to be making a dent, so there are no guarantees that there will be regular replacements, the same way "regular" cameras get replaced every year or every 6-9 months.

Case in point, Sony's new wireless G3 came 1.5+ years after their first model, the DSC-G1.

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