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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Digital camera specials at Staples (May 10 to 16)

A new week is upon us and Staples has revealed their new specials for the week on their website and soon in the Sunday newspapers. They have some reasonable price, for a brick and mortar store of course, for some of the entry-level compact digital cameras.

We start with the Nikon L18 going for just $80. Yep, just $80! This is not bad, considering this is a AA-based and SD/SDHC-based camera, so you don't have to buy anything else for it if you already have rechargeables and those memory cards. Yes, it does have a 3x optical zoom lens!

Next, a lovely compact at a really nice price, the Canon SD1100is goes for just $130, an LiIon-based small little camera. And it even has a tiny little optical viewfinder. But keep in mind, that this OVF is more like tunnel-vision, don't expect it to be big and bright like the 35mm SLRs.

A few other cameras to note, the Easyshare C913 for $100, and the Kodak M1033 for $140. Not the lowest prices when compared to online though.

And we close with a 4gb PNY SDHC memory card going for $15, and that is without rebates! And you can also get an 8gb card from the same maker for $28. Yes, there is a better price per megapixel for the highest capacity.

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