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Monday, May 25, 2009

Olympus E520 with basic lens for $450

If you are looking to get started in DSLRs, and you don't already have a legacy SLR lens system that you want to carry forward into digital, one of the best deals right now is the beautiful Olympus E520. And you can get it, along with the 14-42mm Digital Zuiko kit-lens for just $450 with free shipping and handling. And this is offered by Amazon.com. Amazon in itself, not 3rd-party sellers!

In addition, they also have a promotion where you get a $20 "Create It Reward" from Shutterfly. Not sure what this is, but it has to do with printing and doing stuff at Shutterfly :-)

If you want to research the E520 further, be sure to check out its top two reviews at the top two review sites, at dpreview.com and at Imaging Resources.

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