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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weekly camera specials at Staples (May 17 to 23)

A new week, a new weekly ad from Staples and the other remaining retailers! We start with the Nikon Coolpix L100, a mid-size compact superzoom model, powered by the easy to find AA batteries going for exactly $250. It's not often that we see superzoom cameras featured in places like Staples. Perhaps they are finally catching up with the times?

We also have a DSLR in this circular, it's the Digital Rebel XS, going for $550. This is the current entry-level DSLR in the feared Canon EOS line-up!

The rest of the camera are affordable compacts, including the Sony Cybershot W220 for $160, the Nikon Coolpix S560 for $170, and the Kodak Z1485 for $170 (yikes, too many megapixels!).

Then we have some even more affordable models, like the Easyshare M863 and M1063, both going for $110 each. And at $140, you can get the M1033. So many numbers, how can one keep track of it all? Grrrrr!

And you can also pick up some memory cards, which are, obviously more expensive than the best online prices. These include a 4gb microSDHC card with an SD reader for $18, or a standard 4gb SDHC card for the same price. Good news for Sony fans, they can get a 4gb MemoryStick for $20. Not bad at all! And if you want an Ultra II Compact Flash, you pay $25. Not bad either. All of these are made (or at least marketed) by Sandisk.

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