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Saturday, May 23, 2009

What can $60 get you these days?

Let's say you only want to spend $60 to get a digital camera, either for you, or for a friend or loved one. And let's say you already have SD memory cards and rechargeable AA batteries. And let's say you are not afraid of refurbished digital cameras. Refurbished by the manufacturer by the way. So what can you get?

One answer that we do have for you is the refurbished Nikon L11, a Coolpix model, that takes AA batteries and sells for $60 at Adorama. Again, keep in mind this is a recertified model by Nikon U.S.A. It is not a brand new-in-box!

It has a 2.4" LCD display, a typical three-times optical zoom lens, and a very humble six megapixels, which believe it or not is more than good enough for every day use, considering this is an entry-level point and shoot digital camera.

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