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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Two 2gb MicroSD cards delivered for just $12

If you use cellphones with microSD cards, or perhaps one of the newer Olympus digital cameras that take microSD and xD, or any camera that takes SD/SDHC/MMC cards, then you could be interested in scooping up this Kingston Twin Pack - 2x2GB microSD card w/ SD adapter for just $12 with free shipping and handling from Buy.com. This is all you pay, there are no rebates, and no other purchases required to get free shipping!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Compact and stylish Fuji Z100fd for $108

Stylish, compact and affordable! That's how some may describe the aging Fuji Z100fd. This is an eight megapixel camera with a five times optical zoom lens, which is built into the body, it does not extend out like your typical camera.

The price of this offering is $100 by J&R World on Amazon. They also charge $8 for shipping and handling.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Canon Digital Rebel XSi with lens for $665

If you want to get started in DSLRs, or if you want to upgrade your older DSLR, and you are not particularly interested in recording video with it, then check out the Canon Digital Rebel XSi with an included kit lens (18-55) for $665 with free shipping.

This price is currently offered by Butterfly Photo. 17th Street Photo offers it for just two dollars more, while Amazon.com proper offers it for $679. So you have a choice based on your comfort level with each seller at the Amazon marketplace.

Leica D-Lux 4 for $685

IF you are a fan of the Leica brand, and simply can't wait for the Panasonic DMC-LX3 to come back in-stock at a reasonable price, then you may want to check out the Leica D-Lux 4 offered by OneCall on Amazon for $685 with free shipping and handling.

This is a discount of $15 over its usual price which seems to be steady at around $700. The DMC-LX3 is harder to find from reputable retailers under $580 these days. So for a price difference of $100, you get the extra warranty and the Leica-brand, which is perhaps more likely to retain more of its value than the Panasonic version in the future.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Sony Cybershot HX1 drops to $440

The latest Sony superzoom model is now discounted to $440, with free shipping included by Amazon.com. This is a camera that has a Sony CMOS sensor that allows for faster than usual capture. Its starting price was $500, but with the discount, it becomes a more reasonable price.

The camera has a 20 times optical zoom lens, with a 3-inch LCD display, along with a rather unique panorama feature. It starts at 28mm wide, so this will be good for indoor portraits or landscapes and things like that.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Fuji J10 with extras delivered for $88

If you like bundles and deals, you have come to the right place! For just $88, you can get the Fuji J10 bundle at Amazon.com. This is sold and delivered by Amazon.com, not by the marketplace third-party sellers that do business there!

The bundle includes the standard Fuji J10 camera and included accessories along with some bonus materials:

* Tre-Z Series camera case
* three colorful straps to style to your liking
* 1gb SD memory card

In addition to that, you also get $20 worth of free prints from Shutterfly.com. This includes fifty 4x6 prints, five 5x7 prints, and two 8x10 prints. Free is good :-)

Fuji J10 bundle at Amazon

Pentax Optio V10 for $109

Just because you are looking for a new camera, it doesn't mean you have to break the bank! If you are okay with not getting the latest and great models from the flashiest brand names, you can find some good deals. But of course as always, make sure you research the camera before you buy it. There are plenty of review sites out there and sites that organize reviews for you!

So, today's camera of interest is the Pentax Optio V10 offered by Amazon.com for $109 with free shipping and handling. This is the SuperSaver shipping we all know and love. They have a couple of additional discounts if you purchase accessories with it, but those are strictly optional.

This is an eight megapixel camera, which is a reasonable amount, assuming you are not planning to make big prints or you like to heavily crop your images. The lens is a three-times optical zoom, which doesn't give you a lot of flexibility. And it has a 3-inch LCD, which will please users who like bigger screens. It takes the SD/SDHC memory cards which you can find everywhere at a great price. The battery however is a proprietary lithium-ion, although that may be a pro or a con depending on your preferences on batteries.

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